Wild horse adopted, brought home

Shows small black Devils Garden gelding after adoption at his new home ion Davis Creek

Devil’s Garden mustang adoptions began last week. One was a blue roan yearling gelding adopted by Tessa Glaze of Davis Creek, CA. She named him Tuffy.

For a mustang that had been living wild a short time ago, he loaded, traveled in the trailer for two hours, unloaded and settled into his new home with surprising calm. If Tuffy’s temperament is typical, these horses promise to be very tractable.

More than 200 horses were gathered from Devil’s Garden in the Modoc National Forest in September. Mares over the age of six that were gathered will be inoculated with the fertility drug PZP and returned to the territory.

There are currently more than 100 Devil’s Garden mares, fillies and geldings available for adoption at the BLM Litchfield Corrals. The breakdown is

  • GELDINGS: 9 weanlings; 13 yearlings; three 3 year olds; 8 four year olds and 1 five year old.
  • FILLIES & MARES: 13 weanlings; 15 yearlings; 18 two year olds; 11 three year olds; 13 four year olds and 6 five year olds.

Several more weanling to two year old stud colts are scheduled to be gelded this week and will be available for adoption around Dec. 20.

The colors are primarily roan, bay and black with some brown, sorrel, chestnut and grays. Some have blue eyes. The average height is 14 to 14.2 hands. These horses descended mostly from ranch horses and there is some draft horse influence as well.

Due to budget constraints and the cost of holding these horses long term, they will only be available for adoption until June 2017. At that time any unadopted horses will be returned to the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory.