Stone Fire burned area safety

Warning entering burned area. Potential hazards include: falling trees, falling rocks, flash floodin

















The Stone Fire area is cooling off, but fire crews are still finding hotspots, rehabilitating handline and dozer line, and seeking out burned trees that can fall and cause injuries or worse. Snags, or hazard trees, are one of the biggest dangers in a recently burned area. However burned out stump holes, road damage and flash flooding are also potential hazards. 

Experts are currently evaluating how the Stone Fire burned, including impacts to roads and drainages. There are many snags in the area. Some of the roads will require a lot of rehabilitation, but others may not need any work at all. Some forest areas appear only lightly touched by fire, but others were more severely burned.

When in the fire area, please be alert for dead trees and other hazards, including firefighters and other forest personnel still working in the area.