Give Devil's Garden Horses Homes

Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals

The Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory is the largest wild horse territory managed by the Forest Service in size and wild horse population.

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It is NOT realistic to pickup horses the same day selections are made. Please plan on staying overnight locally or making arrangements for pick up at a later time and date. Applications and the required pick-up planning forms are available below. Email all forms at ,with subject: Double Devil adoptions and sales.

Gather Viewing and Corral Tours Reservations

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Horse availability

    Adoption of a wild horse means federal ownership of the animal is maintained until title is granted, one year after the adoption date.

  • Enjoy your visit to the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory. This page should help wild horse viewers plan and make the most of any visit.


  • Gather Status
    Breakdown: Studs: 5 (0 from the bait trap) Mares: 2 (0 from the bait trap) Foals: 0 (0 Weanling from the bait trap) Escape: 1 Euthanized near trap: 1 Studs BCS: Average = 3.5 Mares BCS: Average = 3.5 Foals BSC: Average n/a Total Gathered today: = 9 Total Gathered: = 392 (Includes 4 deaths and 3 escapes) Total Deaths: 4 - 2 Acute (Mares) & 2 Chronic/Pre-existing (Studs)