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What is Adoption and How Much Does it Cost?

Our adoption program is open to all horses, including those under 10 years of age that have not had three failed adoption attempts. For a fee of $125.00, title to the horse is granted after successfully completing the terms of the Care & Maintenance Agreement for one year, and obtaining a letter from a licensed veterinarian attesting to the horse's condition and treatment.

Sales with Limitations:
We offer sales with limitations for horses that are 10 years and older, or younger horses that have had three failed adoption attempts. For a fee of $25.00, ownership of the horse is immediately granted, and the horse cannot be returned to our corrals. To pursue this option, please ensure you have an approved Request to Purchase Form on file. 

To Adopt and/or Purchase with Limitations a wild horse, you must:

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Adopted animal must remain in the United States until titled. (Eligibility occurs on its 1 year anniversary.)
  • Purchased animal(s) are allowed to leave the United States immediately
  • Applicant must have no convictions of inhumane Treatment of animals or violation of the Wild Free 
  • Step 1: Are you ready to adopt?

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    Take some time and thoroughly evaluate, if you’re ready for the time and financial commitment required to provide care and maintenance for a horse. Each horse has individual needs and training timelines, patience and persistence are key.

  • Step 2: Applications

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    If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the corrals directly at: 530-233-8738 Tips for completing an application are addressed below!

  • Step 3: Accessing Horse Photos

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    Check out our amazing horses on Facebook @ Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals starting in *September 2023* in preparation for the self-paced adoption events starting in December 2023. Online Gallery coming soon!

  • Step 4: Completing the Selection Form

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    List horses in order of preference, up to 15 can be listed. At 8am PST on the dates listed below Approved Adopters can submit their Selection form for the horse/horses of their choice on a first come, first serve basis. The Adoption Events are conducted by email. There is no auction or bidding involved.

  • Step 5: Patiently Wait for Notification

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    Additional paperwork/payment information via email. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Wild Horse Information line directly at: 530-233-8738

  • Step 6: Schedule Pickup

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    If you intend on utilizing a satellite pickup location, please be extra patient as it takes a lot of time and coordination to coordinate. Space is limited and locations are not guaranteed. Load configuration, size, weather, receiving location and other factors determine how many horses can be transported and when the transport can occur. 2023-24 Satellite Pickup Locations Confirmed: Bloomfield, NM Hall, MT Hartville, MO Huntington, PA Lake Point, UT Nampa, ID Newberry Springs, CA New Haven, VT Ten Mile, TN Webster, FL


  • Horse of the Week

    Bay Devil's Garden mare #8923. She is 2 years old and 14.3 hands. Corral notes that she is calm.

Adopters are required to adhere to care and maintenance regulations:

 Adopters must successfully provide Maintenance and Care under humane conditions for at least one year, in order apply for title. Unless otherwise noted, your title eligibility date is the Authorized Officer’s Signature Date (Section E. Approval) listed on the Agreement for maintenance and Care.  It is the adopters responsibility for downloading the form, scheduling the inspection with an approved inspector, submitting the completed Title Inspection Form and other required documentation. Once all required forms and documentation have been received, our team will review and issue title if all requirements have been met.

  • Please note: Inspection shall be completed no sooner than 10 days prior to title eligibility.   
  • The inspector must scan the animal’s microchip to confirm identity. If this is not possible, please explain why.  
  • Photographs from the day of inspection must accompany the completed inspection form. (photos should be date/time stamped)  
  • Complete forms and photographs must be submitted to a. or by mail.
  • Failure to provide the required information, may result in the removal of the animal.  


    Telephone:530-233-8738 Facsimile: 530-233-8709 E-mail: Hours of Operation: Appointment only tours & animal pick-up. Monday-Friday 8AM-5:00 PM Closed on federal holidays.
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