Give Devil's Garden Horses Homes

The Wild Horses of the Devils Garden

The Double Devil Wild Horse Online Corrals

The "online corrals" web pages are designed to help folks select the horses they want. We strive to keep it up to date with photos of all available horses, but often the person selecting horses will need to contact forest personnel or see the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Facebook page for additional information. Please call 530-233-8738 or email for more information.

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Devil's Garden horses at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals

The volunteer-run Devil's Garden Wild Horses Facebook page and Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Facebook page are great places to learn about adoption or if you just love to look at awesome horse pictures.

Forest Service personnel, partners and a small group of irreplaceable volunteers have had great success finding happy homes for the older Devil’s Garden horses at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals; with 219 of 261 placed so far. Thirty-eight have been adopted and 181 older than 10 sold with limitations. All horses at the corrals near Alturas, California have been offered for more than three adoption attempts. These include multi-day events in November, February and April, coupled with intensive web promotion on three Facebook pages and the Double Devil Online Corrals.

After undergoing more than three adoption attempts, horses younger than 10 at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals are now available for sale with limitations for $25 for the first 30 days and $1 beginning May 13, 2019. This includes a total of nine mares and 12 geldings younger than 10 still in need of good homes.

Adopter/purchaser viewing opportunities will be by appointment on Wednesdays and Fridays every week and the first Saturday of every month. Appointments must be confirmed at least seven days in advance by emailing or calling 530-233-8738.

Please fill out the appropriate form below, scan and email it to or mail to Attn: Double Devil adoptions and sales, 225 W. 8 St. Alturas, CA 96101. 

Devil's Garden horses at Litchfield Corrals

More than 650 Devil’s Garden horses will be available soon at the Litchfield Corrals for adoption through the BLM. More information on how to adopt Devil's Garden wild horses from the BLM is available at the links below, by emailing or by calling 866-468-7826.