Give Devil's Garden Horses Homes

Devil’s Garden Horses in corral after 2019 gather
Want horses now?

Approximately 10 horses gathered in 2019 and held at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals are still in need of new homes. Please scroll down for more information on how to apply. 

The BLM Litchfield Corrals has plenty of Devil’s Garden Horses available for adoption. For more information on how to adopt from the BLM, email or call 866-468-7826.

2020 Horses available beginning Dec. 1 in virtual placement events

Please be patient...

This year’s gather of Devil’s Garden Wild Horses is now complete. With the widest variety of color and size so far, the newly gathered horses promise to delight. Adopters and purchasers will not be able to go to the corrals in person to select horses for the time being. However, a virtual adoption event schedule will help the 2020 DG kiddos find their new families and happy homes.  

Time is needed to make sure all horses are healthy, get vaccinations, anti-worming medicine and identification microchips implanted. All stallions will be gelded. Time for horses to settle and adjust to a new routine is also essential. Please be patient

Placement of horses gathered in 2020 will begin with live virtual placement events for specific groups of horses on December 1, 2020.

These groups and dates are:

  • Group 1: Tuesday Dec 1 Mares 1-4
  • Group 2: Thursday Dec 3 Mares 5-9
  • Group 3: Tuesday Dec 8 Geldings 1-4
  • Group 4: Thursday Dec 10 Geldings 5-9
  • Group 5: Tuesday Dec 15 Weanlings and pairs
  • Group 6: Thursday Dec 17 Available Mares 1-9
  • Group 7: Tuesday Dec 22 Available Geldings 1-9
  • Group 8: Tuesday Jan 5 Available Weanlings and pairs
  • Group 9: Thursday Jan 7 Available Mares 10+
  • Group 10: Tuesday Jan 12 Available Geldings 10+
  • Group 11: Thursday Jan 14 Available Mares 10+
  • Group 12: Tuesday Jan 20 Available Geldings 10+

To get ready to adopt or purchase 2020 Devil's Garden Horses, folks will need an approved application on file with the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals manager. Only those with approved applications will be on the Participants Lists for the virtual events. Qualified adopters must meet standard requirements listed on the application form found below.

Approved applicants will be placed on the Participants List and ready for participation in online adoption events. Some horses can be viewed now on Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Facebook page and on the forest website. Photos of new horses are posted regularly. Please be patient

All horses will be available individually by tag number within a pre-determined group and on a certain date for placement with the person who claims the horse first during the event. Watch out for more information soon about event rules and how to participate.

Devil's Garden Horses at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals

Get in your application today! Also, please realize demand is high for these horses.

Please fill out the appropriate form below and email it to or mail to Attn: Double Devil adoptions and sales, 225 W. 8 St. Alturas, CA 96101.

The volunteer-run Devil's Garden Wild Horses Facebook page and Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Facebook page are great places to learn about adoption or if you just love to look at awesome horse pictures.

Double Devil Wild Horse Online Corrals

The "online corrals" web pages are designed to help folks select the horses they want. These pages show all the horses gathered in 2019. Many have already be placed into new homes and are no longer available. Often the person selecting horses will need to contact forest personnel or see the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Facebook page for additional information. Please call 530-233-8738 or email with questions or for help selecting horses.

  • Mares (
  • Geldings (

Gelding #416, 16 years, 15 handsSelection Appointments
**suspended due to pandemic**

Appointments to view horses in the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals on Wednesdays, Fridays and the first Saturday of every month can be made by calling 530-233-8738. Three-hour blocks to select horses with a Forest Service escort will be offered with confirmed reservations.

Forest personnel cannot guarantee the pickup of horses the same day selections are made. Those wanting to pick up horses the same day as selection should complete their selections by 12 p.m. to give corral personnel enough time for possible loading by late afternoon. Please plan on staying overnight locally or making arrangements for pick up at a later time and date. Applications and the required pick-up planning form are available below.