Devil's Garden Horses: Recovery of ecological conditions

Photo showing landscapes with horses and without horses.

Removal of some wild horses to reach the appropriate mangement level as prescribed in the Wild Horse Territory Management Plan will allow recovery of range and riparian ecological conditions, as well as reduce damage to fences and competition among wild horses and other uses.

A horse population within carrying capacity will benefit sage grouse, sucker fish and other threatened, endangered species and all wildlife calling the Modoc Plateau home. Unsustainable pressure will be reduced on sensitive riparian areas hosting rare and delicate species, along with migratory waterfowl deer, elk and pronghorn. Conversion from resilient native annual bunch grasses to fire-prone and non-nutritious invasive annual grasses will be slowed. 

Once gathered, wild horses will be transported to short-term holding where they will be fed, watered and humanely cared for until they are adopted or otherwise placed in private care with qualified individuals or groups who will provide the animals with good homes.

Providing homes for horses contributes significantly to the health of the herd and the range supporting them.