Leopard lilies bloom bright orange at a remote spring on the Devils Darden Ranger District

Due to our mostly high-desert environment, it might surprise many to learn that the Modoc National Forest has a great diversity of plant life beyond the sagebrush and juniper. Seasonal water sources provide the necessary habitat for quick bursts of springtime flowers across the Devil's Garden, while the moist mountain areas of the Medicine Lake Highlands and Warner Mountains provide a more consistant environment for flowers throughout the summer. Flowers at the highest elevations may be seen from late-June through August into September depending on the weather. 

Noxious and Invasive Weeds are a problem nationwide. Click on this link for more information about the problems these plants and weeds cause, and how you can help stop their spread on public lands.

Want to learn more about the beautiful wildflowers of our national forests and grasslands and their remarkable adaptations to the environment?
Visit the "Beauty of It All" page from Forest Service's National Botany Program.A brilliant pink sagebrush mariposa tulip in bloom

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Download and print a beautiful full color brochure on Modoc flowering plants:  Selected Wildflowers of the Modoc National Forest
(PDF - 4.01MB - 56 pages)




A meadow filled with bright pink to purple flowers with the South Warner Mountains in the background