When Weeds Move in Waterfowl Move Out

Ducks on the water with treelined shore in the background.

Noxious weeds and other invasive species replace native plants and destroy waterfowl habitat. Most invasive and noxious weeds are not suitable for waterfowl forage; waterfowl will leave areas infested by weeds and invasive species in search of better habitat.
The BLM estimates damage from invasives worldwide totals $1.4 trillion—5 percent of the global economy. Weeds and invasive species can be transported by wind, water, boats, vehicles, wildlife and YOU!


• Learn to identify invasive and noxious weeds in your area.
• Clean boats, vehicles, animals, and equipment before leaving home and your hunting location.
• Check your clothing and equipment for weed seeds.
• Avoid traveling through, camping, or hunting in weed-infested areas.
• Stay on established roads and trails.

Adapted from a poster by BLM and Idaho Department of Fish and Game