July 13 Safety Message and Lightning Fire Update

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Rains accompanying lighting continue to help firefighters contain wildfires before they grow, but challenge forest travelers with muddy and sometimes impassable roads.

All fires on the forest have been called out or controlled by 10 a.m. Monday. The Mason Fire was the largest fire of the season so far at 43 acres. It was called out July 11 at about 2 p.m.

Significant rain coming with recent lighting storms have helped keep lighting fires small. However, muddy conditions may challenge travel in some areas of the Forest. Muddy roads can be expected throughout the forest and debris has clogged culverts in some areas.

Roads over the South Warners other than Cedar Pass (SR 299) may be impassable to most vehicles. Clogged culverts have been reported in the Crowder Flat and Rush Creek areas.

These areas are where issues have been reported so far. Forest users should expect muddy and possibly washed-out roads on the Forest anywhere heavy rains fell over the weekend.

Please remember to plan for muddy conditions and turn around when necessary.