Christmas Tree Permits

You can cut your own Christmas tree on the Modoc National Forest by purchasing a permit. The $10.00 permits are noramlly available at the Modoc National Forest headquarters in Alturas and the District offices in Adin, Cedarville and Tulelake. However for Christmas 2020, all permits will be sold through local retail outlets. Two permits per household are allowed. Permits are not refundable. Click HERE for a list of retail stores selling Christmas tree permits.

Have your permit with you when cutting the tree. Present it to any Peace Officer or Forest Officer upon request. Attach the permit to trunk of the tree between the limbs and sealed so that it must be broken when removed. The permit must be signed and secured on the tree at all times when transporting.

Tree cutting rules

  • Christmas Trees must be less than six inches in diameter.
  • Topping a tree is not permitted.
  • Stumps must be no greater than 12 inches in height.

Cutting is permitted anywhere on the Forest. EXCEPT as listed below:

No tree cutting

  • Within areas posted prohibiting woodcutting.
  • Within tree plantations.
  • Within 200 feet of campgrounds and permanent roads.

Keeping the tree fresh

Even if you cut your tree early, you can keep your tree fresh by cutting approximately one to two inches off the base of the tree when you get home. Place the tree in a container of water immediately and place it in a cool shady area. Check the water level often.

Tree cutting safety

  • Insure you tell a friend or relative where you are going to be cutting your tree and when you should be getting back.
  • Insure you have safety items such as shovel, snow chains, gloves, warm clothes and water.
  • Don't forget your saw.

Christmas Tree Safety

  • Select a fresh, green tree.
  • Saw off the butt end of the tree at least 1-2 inches above the original cut.
  • Keep the fresh cut butt end of the tree in a container of water during the time the tree is in the house.
  • Be sure the tree is well supported and is away from fireplaces, radiators, television sets or other sources of heat.
  • Check electric lights and connections.
  • Lighted candles or other open flames should never be used on or near the tree.