Christmas Tree Permits

Puchase your Christmas Tree permit on!.

Have your printed permit with you when cutting the tree. 

Tree cutting rules

  • Christmas Trees must be less than six inches in diameter.
  • Topping a tree is not permitted.
  • Stumps must be no greater than 12 inches in height.

Cutting is permitted anywhere on the Forest. EXCEPT as listed below:

No tree cutting

  • Within areas posted prohibiting woodcutting.
  • Within tree plantations.
  • Within 200 feet of campgrounds and permanent roads.

Tree cutting safety

  • Insure you tell a friend or relative where you are going to be cutting your tree and when you should be getting back.
  • Insure you have safety items such as shovel, snow chains, gloves, warm clothes and water.
  • Don't forget your saw.

Christmas Tree Safety

  • Select a fresh, green tree.
  • Saw off the butt end of the tree at least 1-2 inches above the original cut.
  • Keep the fresh cut butt end of the tree in a container of water during the time the tree is in the house.
  • Be sure the tree is well supported and is away from fireplaces, radiators, television sets or other sources of heat.
  • Check electric lights and connections.
  • Lighted candles or other open flames should never be used on or near the tree.