Important Road Safety Information

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Please be aware that Forest Service roads of Mt. Hood National Forest are generally impassable due to large accumulations of snow during the winter.  Forest roads are not plowed during the winter.  Snow is allowed to naturally melt in the spring/summer.  Please contact local offices of Mt. Hood National Forest for up-to-date road conditions. 

During months when roads are accessible to conventional vehicles, use extreme caution when on single lane roads. Use turnouts and make sure you can stop within half your sight distance.

High clearance vehicles are required on many roads.

Most roads are not patrolled.

All roads 3000 feet and above are closed annually.

Road conditions are subject to sudden changes.

Check all current Alerts and Warnings on this website.

Contact your local Ranger District for updated information on specific roads.

Click on table of current road status for some roads of Mt. Hood National Forest.  Please verify information at local Forest Service Offices.