Story Map Provides New Way to Tell the Story of a Landscape

The Clackamas River Ranger District of the Mt. Hood National Forest is developing a proposal for the North Clack Integrated Resource Project.  In an effort to provide the public with information on this area, we have created an online story map.  At this point it contains background information, but in the months to come, more information will be posted including details of our proposed actions as they become available. 

We suggest you view the story map first.  Depending on the device and browser you use, the appearance will vary and you may need to adjust your browser zoom scale to adjust the text and map scales.

If you find this interesting and want to dig deeper into maps that make up this story map, you can do so by visiting the online web map.  This map may not be as intuitive for some users but with practice you can turn on or off any of the map layers shown in the content tab and query the data associated with each.  Several online tutorials are available: search for ArcGIS Online Tutorial.

 Additional project information is available on our project planning page.