Mt. Hood National Forest during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 national forest information

Forest COVID-19 FAQ 


What is closed on the Mt. Hood National Forest?

Can I disperse camp?

What about my favorite activity that is essential to me?

When will you reopen?

Is it okay for me to park on a road next to the Forest and access trails?

What if I stick to the backcountry where there’s hardly anybody?

Have you closed logging/timber operations during this time?

What will happen if people go into the closed areas?

Can I still get a forest products/mushroom/firewood permit?

Is climbing/uphilling allowed?

I had a campground/cabin rental reservation for this time. Will I get my money back?

Can I have a campfire on the forest?

Will the Mt. Hood still be doing prescribed fire this spring?

Are other national forests closing sites?

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19