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Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests

Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests proposes to eliminate fees at specific recreation sites (MORE)

Recreation Sites Where Day Use Fees are Charged

[Icon: Trailhead] Alder Ridge Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Andrews Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Billygoat Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Blackpine Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Blue Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Picnic Site] Boulder Cave Picnic Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Bridge Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Boating Site] [Icon: Picnic Site] Bumping Lake Boating Site and Picnic Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Canyon Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Cedar Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Chewuch Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Chinook Pass, Pacific Crest Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Chiwaukum Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Boating Site] [Icon: Picnic Site] Clear Lake Public Boating and Picnic Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Crow Lake Way Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Cutthroat Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] De Roux Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Deep Creek Hiker Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Deep Creek Horsecamp Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Devils Gulch Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Dirty Face Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Dog Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Driveway Butte Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] East Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Easy Pass Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Eightmile Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Entiat River Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Esmeralda Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Fish Lake Way Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Fourteen Mile Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Gilbert Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Hidden Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Boating Site] Horseshoe Cove Boating Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Icicle Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Icicle Gorge Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Indian Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Ingalls Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Iron Gate Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Jack Trout Trailhead
[Icon: Picnic Site] Ken Wilcox Horse Camp Picnic Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Lake Creek (Methow) Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Lake Creek (Entiat) Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Little Wenatchee Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Long Swamp Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Manastash Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Manastash Camp Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Mesatchee Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Miller-Bear Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Nason Ridge Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] North Fork (Entiat) Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Oval/Eagle Trailhead
[Icon: Boating Site] Peninsula / Rimrock Boating Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Pete Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Rachel Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Rainy Pass Trailhead
[Icon: Picnic Site] Rainy Pass Picnic Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Red Hill Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Riders Camp Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Robinson Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Rock Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Round Mountain Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Salmon La Sac Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Sand Ridge Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Scatter Creek (Methow) Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Scatter Creek (Naches) Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Silver Falls Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Snow Lakes Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Stafford Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Stuart Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Swamp Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Interpretive Site] Swauk Discovery Interpretive Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Taneum Junction Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Thirty Mile Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Trinity Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Tucquala Meadows Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Twin Lakes Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Twisp River Horse Camp Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Union Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] War Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] West Fork Buttermilk Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] White Pass Horse Camp Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] White Pass North Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] White River Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Williams Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Wolf Creek Trailhead

Any of the following passes are valid at the above sites:

Forest Web Site: www.fs.usda.gov/okawen