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Mobile friendly Forest Service maps are available for download via the Avenza Maps store. The free Avenza Maps® app uses your device's built-in GPS to locate you, even when you are out of range of a network or internet connection. Maps used in the app are geospatial PDFs, GeoPDF or GeoTIFFs. 

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Maps for purchase

Mt. Hood National Forest maps available at the Avenza Map store:

Maps for free

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) showing all legal forest roads are now available for your smartphone. Visit our MVUM webpage to learn more and find links to specific District maps! MVUMs are also available for free at one of our District offices.

Mt. Hood National Forest Snowmobile Maps

Wilderness Maps from Wilderness Connect

Mt. Hood National Forest has eight wilderness areas. Explore with the free interactive wilderness mapping tool!  Once you've zoomed in, you can print or download as a PDF, JPG, and other formats. You can also create a link to share with others. These maps do not have recreation sites or other amenities on them, so please use in combination with other trip planning resources before beginning your trek.