Mt. Hood Reopening Recreation Sites


The Mt. Hood National Forest has reopened most developed day-use and trailhead sites to recreational users.  Forest staff are pleased to return to fieldwork and begin welcoming back visitors to developed recreation sites.

Recreation Managers are coordinating with campground concessionaires, removing hazard trees, completing spring maintenance, and hiring and training seasonal staff.  Campgrounds will open slowly as they are assessed for public and employee safety.

For a complete list of open and closed recreation sites, please check the Mt. Hood National Forest’s website:

"We are looking forward to reopening many previously closed areas on the forest, while prioritizing the health and safety of the public and employees,” said Richard Periman, Mt. Hood National Forest Supervisor.  “We’re asking the public to be prepared, be respectful of others, and recreate responsibly.”

Some facilities, such as vault bathrooms, may not be maintained daily.  It is recommended that all visitors be prepared to provide for their own sanitation and be as self-contained as possible while recreating.

Enjoy your public lands and please remember to respect all closures, recreate responsibly, and practice social distancing.  Please help keep the outdoors healthy by following these easy guidelines from Tread Lightly!:  


July 10 update:

Bagby Hot Springs & Campground will remain CLOSED for the season:  


Campgrounds opening 7/17:

  • Lost Creek
  • Riley Horse Camp
  • Roaring River
  • McNeil Campground

Campgrounds remaining CLOSED for entire 2020 season:

  • Little Crater Lake
  • Green Canyon
  • Alpine
  • Summit Lake
  • Kingfisher
  • Shellrock Creek
  • Hideaway Lake
  • Indian Henry
  • Bagby Campground
  • Forest Creek
  • Bear Springs
  • Barlow Creek
  • Barlow Crossing
  • Clackamas Cabin
  • Clackamas Lake
  • Joe Graham Horse Camp
  • Raab


Campgrounds already OPEN:

Clackamas River RD:

  • Ripplebrook Campground
  • Armstrong Campground
  • Sunstrip Campground
  • Lazy Bend Campground
  • Riverside Campground
  • Riverford Campground
  • Rainbow Campground
  • Lockaby Campground
  • Carter Bridge Campground
  • Fish Creek Campground

Zigzag RD:

  • Timothy Lake Campgrounds
  • Trillium Lake Campground
  • Tollgate Campground
  • Camp Creek Campground
  • Still Creek Campground

Barlow RD:

  • Knebal Springs
  • Clear Creek Campground
  • Rock Creek Campground/Day Use
  • Lower Eight-Mile Crossing
  • Spring Drive Campground
  • 15 Mile Campground
  • McCubbins 
  • Little Badger Campground
  • Badger Lake Campground
  • Keeps Mill
  • Bonnie Crossing

Hood River RD:

  • Gibson Prairie Horse Camp
  • Frog Lake Campground/Day Use
  • Clear Lake Campground/Day Use
  • Nottingham Campground
  • Sherwood Campgrounds
  • Wahtum Lake Campground
  • Kinnickinnick (Laurance Lake)
  • Lost Lake
  • Cloud Cap
  • Till Jane