Sections of Clackamas River Trail Closed Due to Washouts

Contact: Chris Bentley: 503-668-1776

                 Vicki Peterson: 503-668-1795


Landslide leading down to the Clackamas RiverDue to winter storm damage, the Clackamas River Trail #715 is closed until further notice in two locations about 100 feet apart: 1.8 miles up from Fish Creek campground and 6 miles down from Indian Henry campground. Large debris slides washed out the trail leaving drop offs 200 feet or more. No detours are possible at either of these locations due to the steep terrain. 


While these portions of the Clackamas River Trail are closed, we encourage hikers to check out one of the many other riverside hikes available on the Mt. Hood National Forest such as the Salmon River, or Eagle Creek Trails.


The trail will need extensive repairs and a log bridge or other structure may need to be installed. Seasonal trail crews will begin work in early May and this trail will be a priority but the repairs may take some months to complete and the closure areas will stay in effect until the repairs are completed.


More information can be obtained by visiting our website, or calling the Clackamas River Ranger District office at (503) 630-6861.