Mushrooms Permits


Parts of the Barlow Ranger District and Clackamas River Ranger District are closed due to wildfire impacts.  Harvesting forest products is prohibited in closure areas.  Review the closure maps before heading out!

Permits are required on the Mt. Hood National Forest while harvesting mushrooms. Free use mushroom permits are temporarily being waived until offices re-open to public. Harvesters must follow all guidelines and restrictions for free use mushrooms, including:

  • Mushrooms collected with a free use permit cannot be sold or bartered. 
  • It is prohibited to collect forest products in wilderness areas, Old Maid Flats, developed recreation sites, or other areas normally closed to harvest.
    • View the Mt Hood Mushroom Map. Your permit will also come with a map, which you are required to carry while harvesting.
  • Personal use mushroom harvest is limited to 1 gallon per day and a total of 10 gallons per year.
  • Entering fire closure areas to collect mushrooms or other forest products is prohibited.  More info about the 2020 fires, closure areas, and fire damage

Check road conditions and weather before heading out and pack out everything you brought with you. Make sure you are extremely confident in your mushroom identification skills before collecting any mushrooms for eating.

Instructions for the permit waiver can be found here:  Free use Information Sheet.

Mushroom Harvesting Overview 

The Mt. Hood National Forest provides great locations for mushroom gathering. Please review the following tables to learn what type of permit you'll need to do the type of mushroom gathering you plan to do.

Download the mushroom maps to understand where mushroom gathering is acceptable. 

Free Use Mushroom Permit

Special Forest Product Allowable    Quantity Unit of Measure Remarks



Gallon Per Day

Currently there is a free use waiver for mushoom permits in effect until offices reopen in summer 2022.  All free use permits are good for the calendar year they are purchased – meaning your permit is valid until its quantity is reached, or until December 31 of that year. Each permit allows harvest of up to 1 gallon per day. Total 10 gallon quantity limit.

Charge Use Mushroom Permits

For at least the next few months, commercial (charge use) permits will be available by mail only:

  • Call your local ranger district office to purchase a commercial permit.
  • We can only process permits using a credit card or debit card right now.  (No cash or check.)
  • Have your ID ready.
  • Allow at least 3 business days to allow time for staff to mail your permit to you.
Special Forest Product Rate ($) per Unit of Measure Unit of Measure Remarks Quantity Sold With $20.00 Minimum Purchase

Mushrooms All Species Including Matsutake



Any Amount over $20.00 will be sold in 2 gallon increments.  For each additional 2 gallons purchased you will receive 1 additional day to your permit.  

5 Gallons       

(ex: 5 Gallons @ $4.00/Gallon = $20.00)

Mushrooms All  Species Except Matsutake



Any Amount over $20.00 will be sold in 2 gallon increments.  For each additional 2 gallons purchased you will receive 1 additional day to your permit.

20 Gallons

Bucket full of mushrooms

Please Note: picking mushrooms for personal use in the Old Maid Flats (Zigzag) area is limited to 20 persons per day in the fall and requires a separate dated permit sheet available from the Zigzag Ranger Station.

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