Bagby Hot Springs RFEI

Submission deadline has been extended to September 14, 2020.

Trail leading to wood structure in the forest. The Mt. Hood National Forest would like to offer a unique opportunity to provide services at the Bagby Hot Springs and Campground.  This Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) invites submission of concepts that would enhance the Bagby Hot Springs and Campground while maintaining the unique historic experience of the area. 

The forest seeks proposals from individuals, governmental, and quasi-governmental agencies, as well as non-profit or for-profit organizations and educational institutions.  Creative responses to this request may accommodate a single management entity or multiple entities. September 14: Deadline for submitting an RFEI proposal.

Read the full RFEI, with a description of the opportunity, site features, and proposal requirements.

View the Bagby Hot Springs RFEI 2-page flyer. 


Please select from the following questions to learn more.

Will the Forest Service be funding the renovations and improvements to the facility? Will the Forest Service be hiring the employees to manage the area?

I love the hot springs and want to volunteer. Is this an opportunity to volunteer?

We don’t have capital to invest, but we have a lot of great ideas on how to run the hot springs. Can we apply to work as managers?

Do you have estimates on cost or what it will take to renovate or improve the facility?

How does a permit work? What is Granger-Thye?

Can I use a motorized vehicle to access the site?

What about insurance?

Can we charge use fees?

Can we make additions and improvements to the buildings?

What timeframe can we expect to hear if a proposal is being considered? When could operation be expected to begin?

When are proposals due, and what is expected in the proposal?

More questions & answers from the public virtual meeting (listen to a recording of the call by dialing (866) 207-1041 and entering Access Code: 9401002#):

  • What level of detail are you looking for in responses to the RFEI?
    • You don't need specific details. We are looking more for your vision for Bagby. Not necessarily the how, but the what. This an informal process to get a sense of what ideas are out there and how we may move forward with management of the site.
  • How long will this process take and when will it be finished?
    • Proposals are due on September 14th. We will review over a couple of weeks and decide in October whether to offer Bagby Hot Springs and Campground as a stand-alone opportunity or include it in the larger prospectus.
  • What are the permit fees/fee structure?
    • Granger Thye Offset fee would likely be used. Minimum fee is based on adjusted gross revenue times the current US treasury bond rate. Granger Thye allows collected fees to be used to address maintenance needs at the campground and Hot Spring.
  • What is type of business/expertise is needed to undertake the "permit" for Bagby?
    • That is not really something to be considered regarding the RFEI. When advertised, applicants will provide information about how they plan to operate and maintain the site as well as their business plan and background.  
  • Is there opportunity to add dispersed campsites and does the permit entail maintenance of the trails?
    • Yes, the Permit Holder would likely be responsible for light trail maintenance. This is the time to propose additional campsites and other ideas/opportunities you see at Bagby. Additional development would need to be reviewed and go through the NEPA process. 
  • Can the proposal due date be moved back?
    • September 9th is a firm date for proposal submission.
  • Could locally sourced wood from around Bagby and the Forest be used to build the structures?
    • We are interested in rebuilding with more rot and vandalism resistant materials. Harvesting timber in the Bagby area might not be feasible any longer. It is not out of the question; sustainability is important and locally sourced materials are desirable.
  • What is the breakdown of the revenue in the RFEI?
    • The Forest Service gets reports from the current concessionaire. Bagby revenue was calculated as a yearly average based upon the previous 3 years.
  • Is the detached shed included in the historic designation like the cabin?
    • Yes, the cabin and shed are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Would the new concessionaire have defacto control over the site to complete maintenance and restoration work or does the site have to be open to the public during maintenance and construction?
    • Depending on the project sites and amenities have been closed to the public to facilitate maintenance or significant restoration or repairs. The concessionaire would need to work with the Forest Service to plan for closures and communicate them to the visiting public.
  • Could a group or coalition of different people/companies be awarded a permit?
    • No, a permit must have a single legal entity (person or company) to sign the permit and assume responsibility and liability for the use and occupancy being authorized. Certainly, others can be identified and involved as partners, but a single entity is needed to hold the permit.
  • Could this be a graduated rate fee schedule (GRFS) permit instead of Granger Thye and what is the length/term of the permit?
    • GRFS is normally used for resorts and collected fees go to the treasury. GT allows collected fees to be put back into the campground directly. GT is the preferred fee structure in this instance. It would likely be a 10-year term with an optional 5-year extension.
  • Is there opportunity to update housing and expand camping?
    • Those opportunities are on the table. Bagby is near the Opal Creek Wilderness Area and that would likely have a restrictive impact on what can be done.
  • Can we use electric/gas powered vehicles on the trail for restoration projects, maintenance, and surveillance of the hot springs?
    • Yes, the current concessionaire is granted authorization to use an ATV for administrative purposes.
  • What portion of the revenue is campground verses hot spring day use?
    •  The revenue information we have doesn’t distinguish between the two.
  • Does the Great American Outdoors Act have potential to fund Bagby projects?
    • Not in the coming fiscal year. But there is potential down the road.
  • Is there any demographic data available on who uses the site?
    • The National Visitor Use Monitoring survey (NVUM) doesn't give us site specific demographic information. But we do know that the Hot Springs are a draw for both international and local visitors.
  • What are the insurance requirements?
    • The national requirement is a Combined Single Limit (CSL) of $300,000.
  • Is there a trail connecting Bagby Hot Springs to the Breitenbush Hot Springs?
    • No connecting trail.
  • What kind of authority or tools would the concessionaire have to address dangerous situations?
    • In responding to violations of Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations, concessionaires have the same authority as a private citizen. More information is available during the prospectus process.
  • What type of relationship does the Forest Service have in terms of oversight and access to the site in relation to the concessionaire?
    • Forest Service retains full access and oversight of the campground and hot springs while under a concessionaire permit.
  • Are you looking for on the proposal a minimum # of partners?
    • There is not a specific number of folks need to submit a proposal for the RFEI. Group or individual submissions are welcome.
  • Can the use of temporary tiny dwellings be a part of the proposal?
    • Yes, anything that fits the site and Forest Service goals and objectives for the site have potential.


Questions, site tour RSVPs, and proposals should all be submitted to:

August 28: Deadline for questions about the RFEI. All answers & questions will be posted on this site and publicly viewable.

September 9: Deadline for submitting an RFEI proposal.


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