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Rock Creek Off-Highway Vehicle Use Area


Map of Rock Creek OHV Area
Rock Creek OHV Printable Map (jpg)

Rock Creek OHV Riding Area, located approximately 50 miles southeast of Portland out Hwy 26 south to Forest Service Road 43 north and then east on Forest Service Road 48, offers approximately 60 miles of off highway trails and mixed-use roads open to Class 1 and 3 ATVs (quads and bikes) and is a much more recently developed riding area.


The trails were designed and built with a 50” maximum width vehicle in mind. The riding system offers a variety of terrain ranging from oak spotted forest to deep, dark stands of fir. Rock Creek OHV Riding Area is subject to a seasonal closure to protect winter range for Elk and Deer populations during the winter months. Elevation ranges from approximately 2000 feet at the Gate Creek Staging Area in the southeast corner to more than 5000 feet at the northwest most corner offering a variety of climate conditions that can change quickly.


ALL riders using the Mt Hood NF OHV areas are required to have a State of Oregon Safety Education card in their possession and a current state of Oregon or state of reciprocity decal on their OHV.



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