Travel Analysis -- Road Study

Travel Analysis

Road Study Update

Thank you to all who contributed to the road study (also known as the Travel Analysis). The Forest Service has released all the Travel Analysis Reports that analyze the existing roads systems and identify opportunities to achieve a more sustainable road system for each National Forest and Prairie. These reports are part of a nationwide requirement and are not decision documents—instead, they provide an analysis of the road system as it exists today. All future proposed actions and decisions will involve further opportunities for public input and engagement at the project-level under National Environmental Policy Act processes.

If you have a specific question on a road, trail, or area you may contact your local office for more information or Click here for contact info.

Travel Analysis Report 

Map of Roads 

Appendix A – Existing System Roads Risk and Benefit Assessment Questions and Information Used to Answer Questions

Appendix B – Results of Risk and Benefits Assessment Questions and District Review of Results  

Appendix C – District Resource Specialists Involved in Review and Validation of TAP Tool Results

Appendix D – Public Involvement and Collaboration Information 

Appendix E – Financial Analysis 

Appendix F – Summary of the Travel Analysis Process 

Appendix G – Glossary of Terminology