Hudson-Meng Education & Research Center

A visit to Hudson-Meng Education & Research Center is a visit to a modern archeological excavation in progress. Interpretive exhibits and guided tours help you to understand why this is such an important discovery, and encourage you to develop your own theories about what happened to the bison. The site is located in the shadow of Nebraska's picturesque Pine Ridge, overlooking the Oglala and Buffalo Gap National Grasslands and north to the Black Hills of South Dakota. And it's only a few miles to the moonscape of Toadstool Geologic Park. Be sure to bring your camera as well as your curiosity!

The Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center is an outstanding example of how ordinary people can make extraordinary contributions to understanding our past. If you make a discovery on a national grassland or national forest, make sure of its location and report it promptly to the nearest Forest Service office. Who knows, maybe an important site will be named for you!

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Open every year from Memorial Day weekend through October 1st!