National Grasslands Visitor Center


National Grasslands Visitor Center

The National Grasslands Visitor Center is the only visitor center in the country for all 20 National Grasslands and represents Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. No admission fees are required to explore the exhibit room, watch a 25-minute film, participate in the Junior Ranger program, or enjoy ranger-led events and activities.

Special ranger-led events, activities and programs are offered during the summer season. Times and topics vary so please stop by or contact the National Grasslands Visitor Center for more information.

The Visitor Center’s Exhibit Room features interactive displays on grasslands ecosystems, grazing management, Great Plains history, human artifacts, wildlife, and more. The featured 25-minute film is shown on request, and offers an amazing introduction to the creation, history, management, and major attractions of the National Grasslands.

The Gift Shop contains a variety of books and collector’s items for children and adults. Educational books and materials on grasslands ecosystems, plants, wildlife, human history, and other related topics can be found in the gift shop. Additional purchases may be made online at the partner association website:

Enjoy the Great Outdoors on YOUR National Grasslands

US Forest Service lands have many recreational opportunities. The National Grasslands Visitor Center introduces and invites you to learn about and explore these various opportunities. Knowledgeable staff can offer recreation suggestions, maps, directions, and practical advice on the best way to make the most out of your Grasslands experience.

For those looking to get a taste of the Grasslands, stop by to see the unique Living Landscape areas outside the Visitor Center. Take your time to walk on a stone path winding through the newest segment of the landscape. The outdoor living exhibit changes with the seasons, allowing you to observe native prairie grasses, shrubs, and wildflowers throughout the year. The Living Landscape offers a unique opportunity to experience some of the plants growing on the 20 National Grasslands and the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.

For more information on native plants, please visit

On the National Grasslands, hike cross country or on designated trails. Backpack and camp in out-of-the-way areas to explore your National Grasslands. Ride a mountain bike on a designated trail, or discover horseback riding trails.

Rock-hounding (rock collecting) is a popular pastime on the National Grasslands. If you are so inclined, you can collect rocks for personal use on these special public lands. Certain regulations do apply, check with a local Forest Service office for updates and protocols. Fishing and hunting are permitted with a State-issued license and within the required regulations.

Motorized vehicle travel, ATVs, and mountain bikes are permitted in specified Forest Service areas, and on designated trails, and roads through some extraordinary landscapes. For these types of adventures, please reference the Motor Vehicle Use Maps created for each National Grassland. The maps can be picked up at the National Grasslands Visitor Center, or each Grassland’s Ranger District office. You can also download motor vehicle use information to your mobile device.

For maps and more information on traversing public lands and acquiring Motor Vehicle Use Maps, go to

Novice and professional photographers can find many different subjects on the National Grasslands. From the vast panoramic vistas, to the subtle, colorful wildflowers these lands provide unlimited photographic opportunities. Every season brings a new treasure trove of wildlife, storms, and wonders.

Bring your telescope to enjoy magnificent night sky observations. Exquisite dark skies are an extraordinary aspect of spending time on the National Grasslands. On a clear night, you will see the Milky Way as you have never seen it before!

For more information on the 20 National Grasslands and the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, call or visit the National Grasslands Visitor Center. Please click on the link in the right-hand column for Visitor Center Address and Hours.

Safety First:

Severe weather occurs regularly and unexpectedly on the National Grasslands. In summer, beware the heat and sudden thunderstorms; in winter beware the extreme cold and winds. Always be prepared for your Grasslands trip with water, food, and other necessary supplies. Notify others when entering and leaving the grasslands. Stop in at the National Grasslands Visitor Center or other Forest Service offices for updates, warnings, and specific safety precautions. During the summer, the streets in Wall are very busy. Please use extra caution while crossing the streets to and from the National Grasslands Visitor Center.

For more information on safety while outdoors, please go to these sites:

Nebraska National Forest:

“Know before you Go” at

 “Outdoor and Recreation Safety” go to



 On line exhibits and more information on YOUR National Grasslands are available on these websites:

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The Lone Tree Exhibit is an online photographic display exploring the importance of trees on the vast grassland landscapes.        

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 Windmills on the National Grasslands is an online exhibit highlighting water resources for survival on these lands.                   

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