Trail Conditions Report

A short half-mile hike off HWY 12 leads you to Snowshoe Falls on the Lochsa/Powell Ranger District.

The trail to Snowshoe Falls, Lochsa-Powell Ranger District. Courtesy photo by Jennifer Becar.

This report provides information on trails that have been cleared by Forest Service personnel, contractors, partners and/or volunteers.

Visitors are welcome to travel on any trails on the National Forest, but need to be aware of the potential for downfall if the trail has not been cleared. Even if trails have been cleared once, there could be new downfall from windstorms and wildfires that have occurred since the trail was cleared.  Numerous trails on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests were impacted in the 2015 season by wildland fires.  In recently-burned areas, hazards exist and include falling trees, rolling logs and rocks, poor tread, and holes from burned-out stumps.  Please consider these hazards when entering the area and make appropriate safety considerations, which may include changing your travel plans.  Be aware that conditions may change quickly.



PLEASE NOTE Some 2021 Trail Condition Reports have not come in yet this year. 2020 Reports are included for your awareness of work conducted last season.

Trail reports are generally updated twice a month from approximately May-September; this can vary from year to year and may differ across districts based on field conditions.

North Fork Ranger District, Palouse Ranger District

Lochsa-Powell Ranger District, Moose Creek Ranger District, Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness

Red River Ranger District, Salmon River Ranger District


The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest of Oregon maintains trail reports for the Hells Canyon Wilderness/Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.



Visitors are encouraged to contact local Ranger District offices for current trail information and for possible closures due to fire.

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