Forest Plan Revision Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

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Page Updated: December 20, 2019

Following years of robust public participation in the Forest Planning Process, the following Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) documents are available to review and comment during the formal 90 - day comment period.  Comments will be used to assist the Forest in developing a more comprehensive final plan and final environmental impact statement (FEIS) for the responsible official’s review in 2021.  Comments received will also be used in the development of a preferred alternative to be presented as part of the FEIS.

We greatly appreciate the level of care and commitment people have for the management of the land and resources on the Nez Perce - Clearwater National Forests. 

December 20, 2019 News Release: Forest Service’s Draft Revised Land Management Plan Enhances Long-Term Forest Health, Creates Regional Jobs

Submitting Comments on the DEIS


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Resource Specific Videos from the Planning Team

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Draft Revised Forest Plan

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

  • Complete DEIS - (259 mb, PDF) Document with all chapters and appendices for download on fast connections only

Maps and GIS Layers

Feature Class Map (.pdf) Layer (gdb, .zip)
Broad Habitat Type Groups Map Layer
Lynx Habitat Map Layer
Conservation Watershed Network Map Layer
Fire History Map Layer
Fire Regimes Map Layer
Geographic Areas Map Layer
Idaho Roadless Areas Map Layer (via EDW)
Management Areas, Recommended Wilderness, and Suitable Wild and Scenic Rivers Map Layer
Grazing Allotments Map Layer (via EDW)
Scenic Integrity Objectives Map Layer
Summer Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) Map Layer
Timber Suitability Map Layer
Winter Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) Map Layer

Key Contacts

Forest Planner
Zach Peterson
Office: 208-935-4239
Fax: 208-935-4275

Jennie Fischer
Phone: (208) 983-4048
Fax: (208) 983-4099

Mike Ward
Phone: (208) 926-6413
Fax: (208) 926-6450  

RFA Coordinator
Diana Jones
Phone: (208) 476-8239
Fax: (208) 476-8329