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Miscellaneous maps

Timber Suitability

Four categories of timber suitability exist:
*Generally suitable for timber production, where timber production is a management objective. (Other resource objectives will likely shape timber harvest in these areas.)
*Generally suitable for timber harvest, where timber harvest is compatible as a tool to achieve desired conditions;
*Generally suitable for timber harvest, where timber harvest is not compatible as a tool to achieve desired conditions.
*Generally unsuitable, where timber production is generally incompatible with desired conditions and objectives. These lands include proclaimed wilderness, research natural areas, landslide prone areas and lands not capable of supporting forest cover.

June 2006 revisions -The 'Generally suitable for timber harvest' category is now divided into 2 categories.. Recommended Wilderness, Pilot Knob, East Meadow Cr Roadless Area and Rapid River watershed are now generally suitable for harvest, but the deciding official has determined that timber harvest is not compatible as a tool to achieve desired conditions.

Areas Under Consideration for Recommendation as Wilderness (Draft Roadless Inventory)

As part of the forest plan revision process, roadless areas have been reviewed and revised. These are draft estimates and subject to change.

January 2006 Proposal - As a result of public input, internal review by forest personnel, and further analysis by the revision team using the Region 1 Roadless Area Inventory Protocol, edits to the July 9, 2005 Draft Roadless Area Inventory maps have been completed. The primary edits are: Adding the Eldorado roadless area back into the inventory and splitting the Little Slate Creek roadless area into two separate roadless areas. Other minor boundary changes were also made.

Roadless Area Draft Suitable Uses (October 2006)

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Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers

February 2006 - The table and map display the draft "potential" classification.


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