Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Plan Revision

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests are currently in the process of revising their Forest Plan.  The existing Nez Perce and Clearwater plans were written in 1987 and the Forests were administratively combined in 2013, resulting in the need for revision.  A draft proposed action for the new Forest Plan was released in July 2014. 


The Nez Perce-Clearwater was named the first early adopter of the 2012 planning rule to revise the Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan). After 20 months of collaboration with the public, Nez Perce Tribe, partner agencies and the Clearwater Basin Collaborative, the Forests released an assessment in June 2014 and Notice of Intent with the draft proposed action in July 2014. The Forests received and used 13,800 scoping comments to develop issue statements to the proposed action. After reviewing scoping comments and subsequent issues, the Forest Supervisor determined substantial changes to the 2014 proposed action to address issues were necessary, and that the proposed action should be analyzed in the DEIS as an alternative not analyzed in detail. The 2014 proposed action now serves as the starting point for a new draft alternative, Alternative B, which will incorporate salient comments and issues raised during the scoping period. Draft Alternative B will be used to develop additional alternatives to meet the purpose and need and respond to identified issues.

Current Status:

  • A dedicated 9-member core team was assembled to complete Forest Plan Revision. (Fire Ecologist position remains vacant).

  • Dialogue regarding changes to the proposed action with stakeholders, the Nez Perce Tribe and interested publics has been initiated. These collaborative efforts will continue through the summer of 2017 and culminate in a draft Alternative B.

  • Concurrent with the Forest Plan Revision, the planning team is developing a Restoration Action Strategy (RAS) to guide the forests’ program of work now and during implementation of the revised forest plan in an integrated and strategic manner. The RAS will be used to develop objectives for the forest plan and guide integration of resources, though it is not required plan content and will not be formally part of the revised forest plan decision.

  • A range of alternatives is being discussed with stakeholders while the proposed action is being revised.A framework for alternative development is being discussed to both increase efficiency and provide ample opportunity for public and tribal participation during formal alternative development.

Next Steps:

  • A draft Alternative B will be available on the Forest Plan Revision website in the fall of 2017.

  • Draft Alternative B will be a starting place for alternative development emphasizing public and stakeholder involvement. It is anticipated that additional action alternatives will be developed in late 2017.

  • Analysis of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) will begin in 2018 with plans to release the DEIS later in the year.


We welcome input into any part of the process as any time. Constructive ideas to improve the July 2014 proposed action and thoughts on alternative development are most helpful.  Please contact any member of our team, listed below, or the Forest Planner or Writer-Editor for other resources or questions general in nature.  Comments and suggestions may be submitted to the plan revision e-mail address:


Zach Peterson 

Forest Planner


Ken Meyers    



Marcus Chin   



Kevin Labrum

Wildlife Biologist


Megan Lucas  

Ecologist (soils and hydrology)


Ken Marshall  

Spatial Analyst (GIS)


Norma Staaf

Landscape Architect/ Recreation Planner


Katherine Thompson

Fisheries Biologist



Fire Ecologist




2014 Proposed Action and Alternative Development

The full text of the draft 2014 proposed action can be found at this link.

Links to large scale color maps, the 2014 Assessment, the list of potential species of conservation concern, and collaborative effort information to date can be found below.

To view all public scoping comments received to date, please visit the  CARA reading room

Proposed Action and Other Documentation

Participating in the Forest Plan Revision Process

Comment Guide

If you have been engaged in the process we encourage you to continue to stay involved.  For more information on how to comment see the Comment Guide

Youth Engagement

 Youth Engagement Strategy paper by University of Idaho Student Caitlin Mcgraw:  Developing and Implementing a Youth Engagement Strategy for the Nez Perce -Clearwater National Forest Management Plan Revision. 

Public Meetings

Since beginning the Forest revison process the Nez Perce-Clearwater Forests have conducted a number of  public meetings to answer questions and solicit input to help develop and refine the proposed action. The Forests plan on scheduling additional working group meetings as our revision efforts continue, so watch for that information on the Forest web page and in the newspapers.

For More Information

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