Upcoming forest project preparations to cause travel delays

Roadwork is beginning soon on two projects on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests which will allow future access for timber harvest operations associated with fuels reduction and forest management projects. The public should be prepared to experience significant delays on forest roads while construction is taking place as part of the Windy Shingle project, located south of Riggins, and the Dutch Oven project, located northwest of Elk City.

Roadwork will begin in mid–July as part of the Windy Shingle and Dutch Oven projects on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests. Forest Service officials will be blading and shaping roads, cleaning ditches and culverts, removing and replacing aging culverts, adding rolling dips to improve and ensure the functionality of the roads’ drainage systems, and adding aggregate surfacing to roads that will be used for timber harvest operations.

The following Forest Service roads (FSR) will be impacted as part of this work:

  • FSR 624, 624A, and 624B
  • FSR 1808
  • FSR 2056 (east and west side)
  • FSR 9815
  • FSR 9867N
  • FSR 9928

These roads are not expected to be closed as part of this project work; however, travelers can expect delays of up to four hours. CB channels will be posted at each project site. Roadwork on the Windy Shingle project is expected to continue through August, while work on the Dutch Over project may continue into the fall.

The Windy Shingle project and the Dutch Oven project were each designed to reduce fuels and wildfire risk to communities near the project areas. Windy Shingle also addresses insect and disease and aims to increase resilience of the forest within the project area. Roadwork on these projects will ensure that the roads are suitable for use during timber harvest operations and that critical functions such as drainage and erosion control are in place prior to the start of these operations.

For questions about this roadwork, please contact Mark Craig, Timber Contracting Officer: (208) 935-4254.