Be aware of increased log truck traffic on the Grangeville–Salmon Road

As we move into summer, forest management projects on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests are taking place and increased log truck traffic can be expected on forest roads during timber harvest operations. Visitors near Grangeville should be aware of log truck traffic on Forest Service road 221 (Grangeville–Salmon Road) as projects take place throughout the summer.

Helicopter yarding began at the Adams Stewardship project on July 6. Approximately 30 loads per day will be hauled five days a week from this site onto FSR 221 and into Grangeville. Trucks will be using CB channel 8. Harvest units in the Adams Stewardship project are designed to improve elk and deer winter range and address key fuels reduction needs. Work at this site is expected to continue through the summer.

Please note that FSR 9338A and Adams Pit are currently closed for public safety during timber harvest activity. Visit for closure orders across the forest.

More projects are expected to utilize FSR 221 for timber harvest operations as the summer progresses. Always drive defensively in areas where log truck traffic is present, and contact your local ranger station for the most up–to–date information about conditions in the area you wish to travel. Locations, phone numbers, and business hours for offices on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests can be found online at

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