Forest Service Job Announcements Tentatively Scheduled for Apr. 27

KAMIAH, Idaho (April 22, 2020) –  The U.S. Forest Service is looking to fill local job positions to establish a more permanent workforce in support of wildland fire response and wildfire risk mitigation efforts. 

   Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Forest Fire Staff Officer Kevin Pfister said the Forest Service will soon be advertising 1000 jobs Nation-wide that will include 500 permanent jobs and 500 temporary/summer jobs. 

   “In Region 1, which includes North Idaho, Montana, and parts of the Dakotas, we will be advertising 60 permanent jobs and 60 temporary/summer jobs,” Pfister said.  “Many of these positions will be entry level to our organization in all areas of our fire support needs.”

   Jobs range from Lead Forestry Technician to Forestry Aid/Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression).

   “We’re looking for those individuals who are hard workers, work well on a team, have a sense of adventure and who will look at the Forest Service for excellent job opportunities,” Pfister said.   

   Advertisements are tentatively scheduled to run on on Monday, April 27th.  Applications are accepted only through .  Employment start dates will vary.