Forest Service announces short/long-term road closures during Lunch Thin Stewardship timber harvest

KAMIAH, Idaho (May 22, 2020) –  Timber harvests are continuing on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, and some Forest Service roads will need to close for public safety during harvest operations.

   Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests officials said that logging operations under the Lunch Thin Stewardship timber sale begin on Tuesday, May 26 and will continue throughout the summer.  Forest Service Road (FSR ) 101 will be closed from its junction with FSR 486 to its junction with FSR 5528.  This closure is expected to last until approximately June 20.  

   As the operation continues, the Forest Service will close on or about June 20 the  FSR 5550 A.T.V. trail/road from its junction with FSR 101 to its junction with FSR 5010.  This closure is expected to remain in effect into the fall. 

   The Lunch Thin Stewardship harvest was developed under the Lochsa Thin Environmental Assessment which was designed to improve forest health, watersheds, adjustments to the transportation system, and reduce fuels in the wildland urban interface. Commercial and pre-commercial thinning are used to develop vegetation conditions that are diverse, productive, and more resistant and resilient to insect and disease. In addition, removing suppressed trees redistributes available sunlight, nutrients, and water to remaining trees, causing an increase in growth, vigor, resistance and resilience to insect and disease.