Forest Service planning Red Siegel forest management project near Elk City

Release Date: Dec 13, 2021

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests is continuing the planning process for the Red Siegel forest management project approximately eight miles southeast of Elk City. The project is located on the forest’s Red River Ranger District and is being designed to improve forest resilience to insect and disease infestation and reduce hazardous wildfire fuels in the area. Forest management actions completed as part of the proposed project would improve the safety of firefighters and the public in the project area, and timber products harvested as a result of these forest management actions would support local economies.

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests intends to analyze the Red Siegel project under the Healthy Forest Restoration Act for insect and disease infestation. Per the Act, no more than 3,000 acres of the approximately 47,000–acre total project area would undergo active treatment activities.

The proposal being developed contains silvicultural treatments for the Red Siegel project area that include even–aged regeneration methods on up to 2,726 acres. Proposed even–aged regeneration activities would have the potential to create 20 openings greater than 40 acres in size, ranging from 41 to 448 acres and totaling 2,179 acres. These proposed openings include multiple even–aged regeneration methods with various levels of tree retention, creating a complex and variable landscape that is more resilient to insect infestation, disease, and wildfire. In addition to the retention of individual seed and shelter trees, reserve trees would be retained with a focus on large trees, snags, seeps, and other unique structural or habitat features.

The Forest Service will soon be holding a formal scoping period to solicit public comment on the Red Siegel project. Comments are accepted at any time during the planning process, but may not be given full consideration if they are submitted outside of specified comment periods.

Comments can be submitted by email at Acceptable formats for electronic submission are text or HTML email, Adobe portable document format (.PDF), and formats viewable in Microsoft Office applications (Word, etc.). Comments are most helpful when they are specific and relevant. Please include “Red Siegel” in the subject line and include your name and contact information.

More information about the Red Siegel project is available online at If you have questions about the project, please contact Chandra Neils, NEPA Planner:

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