Forest Products Overview

Gathering Firewood

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests will continue to offer free personal use firewood cutting permits in 2023. Existing permits expire December 31, 2022. Those wishing to cut firewood in 2023 need to acquire a permit from a Forest Service office on or after January 1.

Permits are valid for one calendar year, from January 1 to December 31. Each permit is good for a maximum of 12 cords of firewood. In 2023, personal use firewood permits are available free of charge. To collect your firewood cutting permit, please call your local Forest Service office. Permits are available in–person by appointment or can be delivered via email or postal mail.

Personal use firewood permits allow for the removal of downed timber or the cutting of standing dead trees for firewood on most areas of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests. The permits are also valid on other National Forest System lands in the Forest Service’s Northern Region, which includes north Idaho, Montana, and parts of the Dakotas. These permits do not allow for the collection of posts, poles, and rails, the cutting of green trees, or any commercial harvesting. They also do not apply to collecting products on public lands outside of the National Forest System. Firewood cutting permits aren’t necessary for small amounts of campfire kindling. Firewood taken from National Forests is for personal use only and cannot be sold.

Remember to keep your permit with you at all times when harvesting and transporting firewood. Be prepared for your visit to the forest by being aware of weather and travel conditions in the area you are visiting and by bringing with you appropriate equipment and gear for your trip, including emergency preparedness gear. National Forest Visitor Maps ($14) and Motor Vehicle Use Maps (free of charge) are also available at Forest Service offices for your use.

Please contact your local Forest Service office for more information about the personal use firewood program and to acquire your permit.


Collecting rocks, say for backyard landscaping, requires a permit. Please contact your local Forest Service office for more information.

Community Vendors

A variety of local community vendors sell Forest Service passes, permits, and maps during their regular business hours. Many of these vendors may be open when Forest Service offices are closed, such as on weekends and federal holidays. Please click here for a current list of vendors and the services they provide.