Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests Plan Revision

Welcome to the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forest Plan Revision page, where you can help us plan the Forests' future.This web page serves as a one-stop resource for information associated with the plan revision process.

For general information on forest planning, check out our introduction.

An Introduction to the Nantahala and Pisgah Forest Plan

View the introduction to the Nantahala and Pisgah Forest Plan Revision on Youtube.

Forest Plan Under Construction Page (includes preliminary drafts of forest plan content - Updated May 2017)

- Forest Plan Readers Guide

Public Involvement (information on how to participate and past meetings)

For more information: Forest Plan Revision Open House Press Release

How can I provide input before the Draft Environmental Impact Statement release?

  • Help us refine our forest plan content, during development. We are sharing preliminary plan content as it is being developed, in order to provide transparent communication about how the plan is developing, and to create opportunities for iterative input.

How can I provide feedback?

Send comments to with the subject line: “Geographic and Management Area building blocks,”or by mail at the following address:

Attn: Plan Revision Team Leader,
National Forests in North Carolina
160 Zillicoa St., Suite A
Asheville, NC 28801