Black Bear Safety

When visiting a national forest in North Carolina, seeing a black bear can be a thrill.

But, if the black bear rips through your tent for a granola bar, a bag of chips or a tube of toothpaste, a carefree camping trip can turn deadly.

Practice these simple safety tips while visiting the national forests in North Carolina:

  • Never store food inside of a tent.
  • Do not leave food or garbage inside fire rings, grills or around your site.
  • Never leave food or coolers unattended, even in developed picnic areas.
  • If bear-proof containers are not available, store food and garbage inside a hard-top vehicle or trailer.

Click here (105 KB PDF) for a complete list of safety tips.

The National Forests in North Carolina has released new radio public service announcements to promote safety around black bears.

Click here to read the PSAs.
Click here to read the PSAs in Spanish