NIMO Incident Management Team 2 (Boise)

Joe Reinarz

Joe Reinarz - Incident Commander-(RETIRED)

Joe started with the U.S. Forest Service in 1981 on a Brush Disposal/Fuels Survey Crew at the Paisley Ranger District of the Fremont National Forest. Since that time he spent five seasons as a Smokejumper in Redmond, Oregon; two years as an Engine Foreman at the Chemult Ranger District on the Winema National Forest; and seven years as a Support Services Supervisor/Computer Operator at Paulina Ranger District on the Ochoco National Forest. Joe spent 16 years as a Fire Management Officer on two National Forests in two Regions (Paulina RD, Ochoco NF, Pacific Northwest Region, and Zone/District Fire Management Officer on the Williams/Tusayan RD, Kaibab NF, Southwest Region). He spent two years as an Interagency Fire Staff Officer for the Fremont-Winema NF and Lakeview District BLM. Joe has been the Incident Commander for the Boise Team of the National Incident Management Organization since March 2015.

Joe has also worked on Type II Incident Management Teams since 1991, as a Division Supervisor, Operations Section Chief and Incident Commander. He’s been qualified as a Type 1 Incident Commander for the past ten years, managing a Southwest Area Team, Deputy on a Pacific Northwest IMT for one year and with the NIMO Boise Team.

Joe has had one overseas assignment to Australia in 2010, to increase their team capacity at the Incident Commander Type 1 Level. He has also been working with a team of specialist through International Programs with training and legislation within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine.

image of a woman in a pink shirt by a creek

Jennifer Rabuck - Safety Officer

Jen has worked in the private, state, and federal systems (USDA and DOI) in both fire and public relations/education fields. After working for multiple non-governmental organizations like the International Crane Foundation and Trees for Tomorrow, she started her federal career in 1997 with the USFWS at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge. Part of her duties included assisting with endangered Whooping Crane reintroduction into the eastern flyway. Jen shifted to work in full time fire at the Leopold Wetland Management District. After ten years with FWS, she became a Zone FMO with the USFS in 2007. After more than 12 years with the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin, Jen shifted to the NPS to become their Wildland Fire Safety Specialist at NIFC in Boise, ID. She held that position until joining NIMO in September 2020.

Jen is a Type 1 Burn Boss and annually assists modules at the Prescribed Fire Training Center as a Field Coordinator. She has been a member of various Type 1 and 2 IMTs in Safety, Information and Operations positions. She’s a Peer Supporter, an instructor for Stress First Aid and You Will Not Stand Alone.

Jen lives in northern Wisconsin and is married to Jason, a handmade knife maker/musician. They have one daughter, Morgan. 

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Kerry Greene - Public Information Officer

Before coming to NIMO Kerry worked as a Public Affairs Specialist for Fire and Aviation Management in Forest Service Region 5 (California). Kerry was a course coordinator and lead instructor for Northern California Introduction to Incident Information Course (S-203) for Public Information Officers (PIOs) for seven years. 

Kerry has also had the pleasure of coaching and instructing wildland fire courses and processes internationally in both Jamaica and Mexico. Her fire management experience includes hand crews, engines, fire use modules, fire effects monitoring, fire prevention, fire investigation, fire information and security. Kerry worked as the Public Affairs Officer for the Klamath National Forest from 2013-2016 and has been a PIO for 15 years. 

Kerry served as a Public Information Officer on a Type 1 Incident Management Team (IMT). Kerry earned a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Natural Resource Management with a minor in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont.

Dana Carter, Planning Section Chief

Dana Carter - Planning Section Chief

Dana began working for the U.S. Forest Service in 1994 and has worked in two regions, on four national forests and in one Regional Office. She began her career on the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona as a seasonal engine crew member. Dana has also worked on the Gila NF, Cibola NF, and the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison NFs, and the Southwest Regional Office in a variety of jobs including hotshot crew member, prevention specialist, fuels specialist, district assistant fire management officer, district fire management officer, interagency unit fuels FMO, and regional cooperative fire specialist. She is currently the Planning Section Chief for the Boise NIMO incident management team.

Dana is currently a qualified Planning Section Chief (PSC1), and holds several unit leader positions within the Planning Section (PSC2, RESL, DMOB, DOCL, SITL, and SCKN). Dana is also a qualified ESFA (ESF4-Administrative Support) and working towards obtaining ESFL (ESF4-Primary Leader) qualification. She has been a member of incident management teams and wildland fire management teams since 2000. Dana has been on incidents ranging from wildland fires to all hazard incidents (World Trade Center, Columbia Shuttle Recovery and hurricane response).

Dana holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Forestry from Northern Arizona University. In her free time, Dana enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with her husband Larry and daughter Shiloh.

Beale Monday

Beale Monday - Operations Section Chief 

Beale started his career with the U.S Forest Service as a seasonal firefighter in 1995 with the Flagstaff Hotshots on the Coconino National Forest. After two fire seasons Beale joined the United States Marine Corps in 1997 and served for 4 years.  He was honorably discharged in 2001 and returned to the Flagstaff Hotshots where he served as a Lead Firefighter and Squad Boss.  In 2003 Beale was promoted to an Engine Captain and stayed in that role until 2007 when he accepted the position of Fuels Specialist on the Peaks Ranger District, Coconino National Forest.

During his time in the position of Fuels Specialist he completed two details as a Fire Management Officer and a detail with the National Incident Management Organization (NIMO) as an Operations Section Chief with the Portland Team.  In February 2019 Beale joined the National Incident Management Organization full time as the Operations Section Chief for the Boise Team. 

Beale began working on Incident Command Teams in 2006 as a Division Supervisor on a Type II Team.  He then continued to work on his qualifications becoming a Type 3 Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief Type 2 and eventually an Operations Section Chief Type 1.  Beale spent 10 years on a Type one Team from the Southwest area before accepting his current position with the National Incident Management Organization.

Zeph Cunningham

Zeph Cunningham - Logistics Section Chief

Prior to joining the U.S. Forest Service and NIMO, Zeph served 22 years with the National Park Service (NPS) in law enforcement, security and emergency services.

During his NPS career, Zeph served for 15 years as Incident Commander (ICT2) on the NPS Eastern Type 2 All Hazard Incident Management Team (EIMT). The EIMT planned and managed dozens of major special events for the National Park Service to include: Presidential Inaugurations; First Flight Centennial; funeral for Coretta Scott King; Lincoln Bicentennial; Jamestown 400; Fort Sumter Civil War 150; Manassas Civil War 150; Gettysburg Civil War 150; and the 50th Anniversary events surrounding the Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery, Ala. He provided technical expertise for three Presidential Inaugurations. His IMT also responded to numerous emergencies for the National Park Service including Hurricane's Sandy, Katrina, Ivan, Irene, and Dennis, and multiple land-based search and rescue incidents.

In addition, Zeph served on Southern Area Incident Management Teams as the primary Logistics Section Chief from 2007 - 2015, and prior to taking the NIMO position was the primary Logistics Section Chief on the Southern Area Type 1 Red Team. He was also an Incident Commander Type 1 trainee on the Southern Area Red IMT.

Zeph is the lead instructor for L580 Gettysburg “Leadership is Action”. 

Zeph is also qualified as an Incident Commander Type 1 and is currently an Area Commander Trainee.

Zeph is currently working with the State Emergency Services of Ukraine and State Agency of Ukraine for Management of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone on developing their coordination system and leadership programs. Zeph is also working with the FAO (Food and Animal Organization of the United Nations) on a project to Strengthen the Global Coordination of Animal Health Emergencies of International Concern (AHEIC)

Zeph graduated from Virginia Tech in 1994 and resides in Virginia with his wife Kelly and daughter Lillian. Kelly works for the National Park Service as a budget analyst.

Dana Reid, Finance Section Chief

Dana Reid - Finance Section Chief

Dana started her Forest Service career in 1987 as a seasonal firefighter in the Pacific Northwest. In 1990, she obtained a permanent position and worked in Personnel Management and Recreation for 14 years before moving into a full time Incident Business Management position which she held for nine years before accepting her current position as the NIMO Finance Section Chief.

Dana has participated on Incident Management Teams since 1990, primarily in Finance but has also been active in Dispatch, Plans, and Operations.  Prior to NIMO, she was the Finance Section Chief with the Pacific Northwest Team 2. Dana is also a Type 1 Incident Business Advisor. Her experience includes wildland fires, the Columbia Shuttle Recovery, and two hurricane assignments.

In addition to her fire experience, Dana is an Incident Business Management Subject Matter Expert and has been an instructor for Incident Business Management courses (S-260, S-261, S-360, S-460, and S-481) since 1993.

Key Contacts

NIMO Team 1 (Atlanta) Incident Commander
Jay Kurth
NIMO Team 2 (Boise) Incident Commander
Brian Watts (acting)
NIMO Team 3 (Phoenix) Incident Commander
Bob Houseman
NIMO Team 4 (Portland) Incident Commander
Bea Day
Boise IC Reinarz teaching in Bosnia 2019

Boise NIMO IC Reinarz teaching in Bosnia in 2019

BOI NIMO at Hurricane Sandy, Shay Stadium, NY

Boise NIMO at Hurricane Sandy, Shay Stadium, NY