NIMO Incident Management Team 4

headshot of Bea on Grey Background

Bea Day - Incident Commander 

Bea has worked for the Forest Service since 1985.  She began her career on the Sawtooth NF in Idaho as a seasonal, working in Timber and in Fire as a Hotshot crew member.  Bea received her permanent appointment in 1990 on the Tonto National Forest and over the next 20 years worked in a variety of jobs as an Engine Captain, District Assistant Fire Management Officer, and Forest Assistant Fire Management Officer.  She moved to the Cibola National Forest and National Grasslands and was the Forest Fire Management Officer from 2008 through 2016 when she moved into the Risk Management Officer for Fire Operations job in the Southwestern Regional Office. 

During her time in the Southwest, she had tenures as Incident Commander of a Type 2 Incident Management Team and as IC for the Southwest Type 1 IMT.  In 2019, she moved into her current role as the Incident Commander for the Portland National Incident Management Organization (NIMO).

Photo of a woman in a navy blue shirt with a NIMO logo

Michelle Fidler – Public Information Officer

Michelle began her career as a Park Ranger (1999-2002) working with the Bureau of Land Management, Mojave National Preserve, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, C&O Canal National Historical Park, and Prince William Forest Park. She led a variety of wildland fire ecology programs as a park ranger and became a collateral duty wildland firefighter in 2002.

Michelle served as a Regional NPS Fire Communication and Education Specialist for 18 years (2003-2021), working with the NPS Southeast Region and Intermountain Region. She has wildland fire detail experience with the National Incident Management Organization, the National Interagency Fire Center, the DOI Office of Wildland Fire Coordination, the Wildland Fire Leadership Council’s Federal Air Issues Coordination Group, and the NPS Alaska Regional Fire Management Office.  She also has public affairs detail experience with Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, and Glacier National Park.

Michelle has been an active member of incident management teams as a public information officer since 2003, supporting wildland fire and all-hazard incidents nationwide. She worked with the Type 1 Southwest Incident Management Team #1 (2011-2021), Phoenix National Incident Management Organization Team (2019),  Southern Area Type 1 Red Team (2007-10), Area Command Team 3 (2006), Rocky Mountain Area Wildland Fire Use Team (2004-05), and the National Park Service Eastern All-Hazard Incident Management Team (2003-06).

Michelle has a B.S. degree in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism, a concentration in Interpretation and a minor in Botany from Colorado State University and a  M.S. in Resource Interpretation from Stephen F. Austin State University. Michelle is based in Tucson, AZ where she enjoys outdoor activities and creative pursuits.

Headshot of Robin on grey background

Robin Jermyn - Planning Section Chief

Robin began her Forest Service and wildland fire career in 2000 on the Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger District of the Lolo National Forest, working on both the fuels hand crew and fire engine crew over the course of several seasons.  During the off-season, Robin attended the University of Montana and received her Forestry Degree in 2005. From 2005-2007 Robin lived in Dillon, MT where she worked in recreation for the Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF.

Robin received her first permanent appointment in 2009 back on the Lolo NF in Plains MT.  She has worked for fire, recreation, admin. support and lands over the course of her career.  In 2012 Robin started as a team member for Northern Rockies Team 1 Type 1 IMT in the planning section.  Robin has also actively supported local and out of area Type 3 organizations.  In 2019, she obtained her Type 1 certification.

She continued as the primary PSC1 for Northern Rockies Team 1 and supported Southwest Area Team 2 for the past several seasons prior to accepting her NIMO position.  Robin also supports the Northern Rockies as an instructor and coach for several incident management courses.

Robin continues to live in Plains MT and is passionate about her family, dogs, friends, coaching, and recreating in the great outdoors of beautiful Western Montana.

Photo of a man in a suit

Russell Long - Operations Section Chief 

Russ started his career in 1990 on the Los Padres N.F., on an engine and then got his introduction into the Hotshots on the Los Prietos Hotshots. Russ attended Chico State University in Northern California, worked on the Tahoe Hotshots and later moved on to the BLM on the Diamond Mountain Hotshots.  Russ also worked on the Craig District BLM in Colorado as a Heavy Engine Foreman and attended the JATP apprenticeship academy. Russ then moved on to a Captain position, on the Fulton Hotshots in 1997 on the Sequoia National Forest.

In 2001 with the expansion of IHC’s, Russ started a new Forest Service Interagency Hotshot Crew on the Boise National Forest which received full certification in October 2001. Russ was Superintendent there from 2001-2004, before he switched gears and took an AFMO position on the Idaho City Ranger District on the Boise N.F. While on the Boise, Russ attended TFM. In 2009, Russ moved to a Zone Fire Management Officer position in Rifle, Colorado. After three years in Rifle, Russ then served as the West Zone FMO in Grand Junction CO for BLM.

Just before starting with NIMO, Russ was the Military Zone FMO working for the BLM, Alaska Fire Service. Russ has been a primary OSC2 on a Great Basin IMT and has served as a primary OSC1 on Hahnenberg’s and Blume’s Rocky Mountain IMT1, and on the Alaska IMT. Russ became qualified as an ICT2 in 2018. He lives in Boise with his wife Janel and son Garret (16).  Cole and Carson (20) are fighting fires in the summer and attend University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Man in a blue polo shirt

Travis Bailey - Logistics Section Chief 

Prior to joining NIMO in 2022, Travis served as the Logistics Section Chief with the Rocky Mountain Area Blue Team (CIMT2) since 2018. He had been a member of the logistics section on the Rocky Mountain Area IMT’s since 2015. 

Travis started in fire in 2000 as an employee of Boulder County in Colorado. In 2002, he joined Berthoud Fire Protection District as a Firefighter/EMT and was an Engine Boss for the district on national deployments. From 2014–2018, he was the district's Emergency Manager while also participating in building all-hazard response capacity for the region with the Eastern Colorado Type 3 IMT. Additionally, he served as Fire Chief, for the Wiggins Rural Fire Protection District and continues now as a volunteer. 

Travis has taught IMT Logistics related position specific courses, ICS core curriculum, and IMT Command and general Staff courses throughout the country since 2013. He has also served as both Logistics Section Chief and an instructor for the Colorado Wildland Fire and Incident Management Academy for over 20 years. Travis is a certified DHS/FEMA Master Exercise Practitioner and was the lead SME on the 2019 update and re-right of the FEMA All-Hazard position specific Logistics curriculums. 

Having grown up in New England, Travis has lived in Colorado now for over 20 years.  He is a graduate of the University of Evansville in Indiana with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.  He and his family own and operate a ranch on the plains of Northeast Colorado.

Photo of a woman in a green shirt

Sirena Fugitt - Finance Section Chief

Sirena began working with the Forest Service in 1987 as a summer hire with the Willamette National Forest.  She continued working summers while attending the University of Oregon.  In 1990, she transferred to Western Oregon State University and worked part time as an Accounting Technician at the Supervisor’s Office for the Siuslaw National Forest.  Following graduation, she received a permanent appointment in Budget & Finance with the Siuslaw.  From 1992 to 2005 she was a Financial Management Trainee turned Budget Analyst and in 2005 was promoted to the Forest Budget Officer, where she held that position until May 2011. 

In 1992 Sirena had her first fire assignment as a Personnel Time Recorder and over time explored other positions in finance such as an Equipment Time Recorder, Cost Unit Leader, Time Unit Leader, and Finance Section Chief.  The time spent working within the fire organization, whether with incident management teams or teaching classes, created a passion that would set her on the next phase of her Forest Service life.  Most of Sirena’s fire career has been engaged with incident business and when an opportunity arose to be able to work in fire full time she jumped at it.  In May 2011 she accepted the position with the Portland NIMO team as their finance section chief.  Sirena has been involved with incident management teams for nineteen years, of which twelve were spent with the Pacific Northwest Team 3.  Assignments include fires that span across twelve different states, assisted with numerous hurricane assignments and provided support to the World Trade Center disaster.

man in a navy blue shirt with a NIMO logo

Tim Sampson - Safety Officer  

Tim started his career with the MN DNR in 1992 as a seasonal employee in fire management as he was attending college for Forestry in Ely MN. In 1994 he was hired with the USFS on the Powell RD, Clearwater NF on a fire crew. Over the years he has worked in 3 Regions and 4 Forest working on hand crews and engines. In the spring of 2013 he became the Fire and Aviation Staff Officer on the Colville National Forest, in Colville, WA.

Since 2003, he has assisted on over 47 incidents as a Line Safety Officer, Safety Officer Type 2 or Safety Officer Type 1. Within these incidents he has experienced a wide spectrum of assignments as a Safety Officer.

Multiple 21 day assignments in Alaska, Multiple Type 1 fires in California,  Multiple Type 1, 2 and 3 incidents in Northern Rockies, Great Basin, and Pacific Northwest, 42 day as a line safety on Hurricane Katrina recovery, SOF1 for Puerto Rico Hurricane recovery, and recently assisted Spokane WA region under ESF4 with COVID-19. 

Tim is passionate about managing risks and understands the role and importance of this Command staff on an IMT.





Key Contacts

NIMO Team 1 Incident Commander
Nickie Johnny
NIMO Team 2 Incident Commander
Zeph Cunningham
NIMO Team 3 Incident Commander
Jason Loomis
NIMO Team 4 Incident Commander
Bea Day
Portland NIMO group photo July 2019

The Portland NIMO team in July 2019 at the Boundary Fire in Tok, Alaska

A gentleman in a NIMO shirt talking on a cell phone under a sign that says flight operations

Portland NIMO Operations Section Chief Russ Long at the Cornucopia Fire

PDX NIMO PIO Kris Eriksen on the phone

PDX NIMO PIO Kris Eriksen on the phone on the Boundary River Fire in Tok, Alaska 2019

Two NIMO team members discussing a plan

PDX NIMO Operations Chief Russ Long and Logistics Chief Leslie Morgan at the 2019 Boundary Fire in Tok, Alaska

OSC Jon Teutrine using the

OSC Jon Teutrine, on loan from PHX NIMO, uses the "speaker" to brief the field at the Cornucopia Complex in Upper Yukon, Alaska

PDX NIMO Finance Sirena Fugitt & IC Bea Day at C & G, 2019 Boundary Fire, Tok, AK

PDX NIMO FSC Sirena Fugitt & IC Bea Day during C&G at the 2019 Boundary Fire, Tok AK

PDX NIMO at 416 Fire in Durango, CO June 2018

PDX NIMO at 416 Fire in Durango, CO June 2018

People in a group watching a screen during a fire close out

PDX NIMO IC Bea Day attends close out meeting with agency administrators at the Boundary River Fire in Tok, Alaska 2019