Wildlife Along the Trail

The Nez Perce National Historic Trail ranges from the deeply incised Columbia River Plateau, across the Continental Divide and a succession of ranges, canyons, and valleys, through forests and plains, across thermal areas and major rivers. The Trail winds through some of the most rugged and spectacular scenery in western America. It traverses some of the largest undisturbed tracts of sagebrush steppe habitat, and a tremendous variety of wildlife and plant species thrive across the varied habitats of the Trail corridor.

The Nez Perce National Historic Trail supports relatively unaltered and increasingly uncommon native habitats, the quality and extent of which are unequaled in the Pacific Northwest and Great Plains. Because of the variety of terrestrial and aquatic habitats across this range, there exists a tremendous variety of plant and animal species along the Trail.

To learn more about the animal species, click on the name of the species below.

American Badger

American Black Bear

American Dipper

Bald/Golden Eagles

Bighorn sheep


Bull Elk

Canadian lynx

Chinook Salmon

Columbia spotted frog

Common Raccoon



Cutthroat Trout

Gray Wolf

Grizzly Bear

Horned lark

Idaho Giant Salamander


Mountain Cottontail Rabbit

Mountain Goat

North American Beaver


Pacific Lamprey

Prairie Rattlesnake



Pygmy Short-Horned Lizard


Red Fox

Red-tailed Hawk

Spruce grouse

Thirteen-lined ground squirrel

Tiger salamander

Western Meadowlark

White Sucker Fish

White-tailed deer

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout