Mountain Cottontail Rabbit

  • Scientific Name:  Sylviagus nuttallii
  • Niimiipuutímt: héey’uxc

Mountain Cottontail RabbitRanging from reddish brown to gray, all cottontails feature the distinctive cottonball tail for which they are named. Often found on the fringes of open spaces like fields, meadows, and farms, they can adapt to other habitats–including those with humans.

Habitat:  Mountain Cottontails are found in Canada and western USA. They usually inhabit wooded or brushy areas with plenty of vegetation.

Food:  Grasses, shrubs and fruit.

Nez Perce Traditional Uses:  Cottontail rabbits were netted in communal (drives) hunts using long hemp nets. The fur was used by the Nez Perce for winter vests and socks. Often a young hunter’s first kill was a cottontail with his bow and arrow.