Rager Time Capsule

This page contains photos of those items the Ochoco National Forest employees who served at Rager Ranger Station chose to preserve in the Rager Time Capsule. 

A History of Rager Ranger Station

A History of Rager Ranger Station

Charles S. Congleton

The Journals of Charles S. Congleton (1907-1927)

Fred T. and Blanche Houston

The Journals of Fred T. and Blanche Houston

1984 interview with Fred and Blanche Houston

The Rager Rat

The story behind "The Rat"

Rat Patches

Soda Pop Can holder w/ logo

Art work by Larry Monical

1942 Plane Crash

Account of the crash page 1

Account of the crash page 2

Remains of the plane

2005 Commemoration event pages 1 and 4

2005 Commemoration event pages 2 and 3

1964 Flood

Photos of 1964 flood "Rager Flood: December 1964. Rager Creek flowing through ranger station. Photos taken several hundred feet east of old office building looking north."

Bend Bulletin (Dec. 31, 1964): Stork Gets Assist From Mercy Flight

NW Forest Service News (January 1965)

1993 Plane Crash

On October 2, 2009 a Cessna airplane crashed north of Little summit prairie. All 3 people survived the crash.

A list of Paulina District Rangers

Paulina Rangers

George Thurston

Photo of George Thurston

George Thurston's memories of Rager

A list of permanent personnel at Rager in 1961

A letter from George

Dick Grace

2014 Letter from former District Ranger Dick Grace

Photos  Photo captions

Fire Overhead Team patch

1975 Rager information letter

John Lundgren

1963 Christmas letter

1964 Ruralite edition featuring Lundgren family

1965 Christmas letter

Shirt patch

Sheep grazing sign circa 1910

Jim Johnson 2002 interview

Page 1  Page 2  Page 3

Wolf Mountain Lookout

1929 photo  1997 photo

A history of Wolf Mountain Lookout

Lookout instructions

Osborne fire finder

Reference Points

Early History of Ochoco National Forest

From the Ochoconian

1911 Proclamation establishing Ochoco NF

Changing Boundaries

"A History of the Ochoco National Forest: Different Perspectives and Times" by Deputy Forest Supervisor Allen H. Hodgson (1913) 

Part One  Part Two

The old phone system

Crank Phone Instructions  Phone Line Handbook

1991 phone list  1993 phone list

Field Phone 1  Field Phone 2

Office phone  Historic Phone 1  Historic Phone 2

Switchboard 1  Switchboard 2  Insulator


Deadline sign  Closed to all grazing  Contract boundary

Closed to sheep grazing  Metal bearing tree sign

Do Not Cut Trees Behind This Sign

Center Stock Driveway  Salt Ground

Salter Cabin  Welcome Burl

The last flags flown at Rager

First Flag  Second Flag