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In 2005, the USDA Forest Service published a new rule for providing motor vehicle access to the national forests and grasslands. The purpose of the rule is to adapt Forest Service motorized travel management policies to:

  • Provide consistency for motor vehicle use across the nation
  • Enhance recreational opportunities for public enjoyment for both motorized & non-motorized users
  • Better protect natural & cultural resources
  • Address use conflicts

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In accordance with the Travel Management Rule, the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests and the Crooked River National Grassland will prohibit motorized travel outside of those existing designated routes (roads and trails) and areas where it is not already restricted or prohibited by law, regulation, policy, order, Forest Plan direction, or site-specific decision. The Record of Decision will not close any existing designated routes open for motorized use. The Record of Decision identifies Alternative 3, Modified as the selected alternative. Alternative 3, Modified will allow motorized access for dispersed camping to existing, designated, or defined sites, within 300 feet of open designated roads as shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Maps. Motorized access for dispersed camping will not be allowed closer than 30 feet to a stream, wetland, or water body. Alternative 3, Modified, designates a portion of the material sites identified in the Draft EIS as open to cross-country travel, and identifies some national forest system road that will be open only to highway legal vehicles.

This Record of Decision is subject to administrative appeal. The appeal period is 45 days following the publication of the legal notice of decision in the Bend Bulletin. The Record of Decision will be implemented no sooner than 5 business days following the close of the appeal filing period. For more information, please see the Record of Decision in the FEIS Documents listed below.

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Final Environmental Impact Statement Documents

Some of these files are very large; please be patient while downloading. Adobe Reader,a free download, is required to view these maps and documents.

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Alternative Maps

Alternatives for Motorized Access Off Designated Routes

Alternatives for Motorized Access For Dispersed Camping

Ranger District or Grassland

Alternative I

Alternative II

Alternative III

Sisters Ranger District (SIS)

SIS map 3.1

SIS Map 3.2

SIS map 3.3

Bend Fort Rock Ranger District - West (BFR)

BFR west map 4.1

BFR west map 4.2

BFR west map 4.3

Bend Fort Rock Ranger District - East (BFR)

BFR - east map 5.1

BFR east map 5.2

BFR east map 5.3

Crescent Ranger District (CRE)

CRE map 6.1

CRE map 6.2

CRE map 6.4

Crooked River National Grassland (CRNG)

CRNG map 7.1

CRNG map 7.2

CRNG map 7.3

Lookout Mountain Ranger District (LOM)

LOM map 8.1

LOM map 8.2

LOM map 8.3

Paulina Ranger District (PAU)

PAU map 9.1

PAU map 9.2

PAU map 9.3

Open Material Sources

Deschutes National Forest

Ochoco National Forest

Locator Map of Motorized Trails Project

Off Highway Vehicles Trails Project Locator Map

Travel Analysis Subpart A

Forest-wide Travel Analysis Report

Appendix A: Canyon Road List.xlsx

Appendix A: CRNG SRA Only Benefits Risks.xlsx

Appendix A: deep roadsaq tables.xlsx

Appendix A: deeproads humuse02.xlsx

Appendix A: LOM SRA Only Benefits Risks.xlsx

Appendix A: MarkSpearsBandit complete road list.xls

Appendix A: Och forest roads hum rds all Benefit Only.xls

Appendix A: Ochoco Summit HEJ roads list.xlsx

Appendix A: Paulina SRA Only Benefits Risks.xlsx

Appendix A: Maurys SRA Benefits Risks.xlsx

Appendix A: Wolf Roads List.xlsx

Appendix B: Minimum Roads System Assessment Criteria.pdf

Appendix C: Public Involvement and Collaboration.pdf

Appendix D: Glossary of Travel Management Terminology.pdf

Appendix E: Travel Analysis maps.pdf

Appendix F: Financial Analysis.pdf

Appendix G: Summary of the Travel Analysis Process.pdf

Appendix H: Ecological, Social, and Economic Considerations.pdf 

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