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Entiat Ranger District Road Conditions-Updated 11/18/2022

Trees continue to fall across many Forest Service roads.  Be prepared - bring a saw and expect to find trees across the road. 

Four-wheel-drive and high clearance vehicles are always recommended for travel on forest roads.   If roads are muddy and your vehicle is damaging the road surface, please turn around to prevent further road damage.  Remember, there is limited turn around space available on most forest roads.

Conditions can change quickly so check for current weather, road, and trail conditions and closures before you go.  The best way to be prepared is to think ahead about what you would do in a potential emergency and have proper equipment and supplies with you. 

Call the Entiat Ranger Station for the latest conditions. (509-784-4700).

Entiat River Road Mileage chart -- shows distance to campgrounds and road junctions from Highway 97A.


Road Name FS Road Number Status
Entiat River Road

Road closed. Snow covered. 

Mills Canyon Road/Entiat Ridge #5200

Snow covered.


#5210 Snow covered
Mud Creek #5300

Snow covered

Steliko #5310

Gate closed. Snow covered 

Preston Creek #5501

Snow covered

Tommy Creek #5605

Snow covered

North Fork Road #5606

Snow covered

Duncan Hill

#5608 Snow covered
Tyee #5700

Snow covered

Road is very rough passed Pine Flats and has two ledges to negotiate.

Tillicum Creek #5800

Snow covered

Shady Pass Road


Gate closed. Snow covered 

Big Hill Road #112

Snow covered

Oklahoma Gulch Road County Road #63

Snow covered

Pope Creek


Snow covered