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It is not permitted to move or drive around any traffic barricades on any Forest Service roadway, even if the road appears drivable.  Four-wheel-drive and high vehicle clearance is always recommended for travel on forest roads.  Please carry chains and extra supplies for emergencies.  Remember, there is limited turn around space available on most forest roads.  Always travel with plenty of fuel and check with district offices before heading out. 

Road Name

Road Number


Last updated: 06/26/2018

Please avoid driving on wet/muddy roads in order to lessen road damage.

Shady Pass


Open. Expect snow anywhere above 6,000'. 

Purtteman Road


Open. Expect snow anywhere above 6,000'. Used for the Echo Ridge trail system. 

Cooper Mt. Road


Open. Expect snow anywhere above 6,000'. 

Grade Creek


Open. Expect snow anywhere above 6,000'.  

Oss Peak 8200-117 is open.

Joe Creek


Open. Expect snow anywhere above 6,000'. 

Slide Ridge


Open. Expect snow anywhere above 6,000'.