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Updated 5/21/2024 

Snowlevel Aprox. 6,000 ft


Trail Name and Number Current Status

Albert Camp

Trail conditions unknown.

Andrews Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail logged out to Spanish Camp. (6/21/23)

Much of the trail is in burned timbered area; it is recommended that stock users always travel with a handsaw in this country. Snags from the burn are prominent and hikers should double check that campsites are safe. It’s very rocky in some areas so rugged footwear is suggested. A large portion of the trail is highly exposed, it is advised to begin traveling as early in the morning as possible to beat the heat, wear sunscreen and stay hydrated.

Basin Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Bear Mountain

Trail conditions unknown.

Beaver Lake

Trail conditions unknown.

Entire trail logged out. (5/24/2023)

Blue Lake

Trail conditions unknown.

This is a good short trail to see a beautiful alpine lake and mountain spires. The trail is in good condition but gets heavy traffic on weekends. It is best to arrive early to enjoy the lake. (8/20/22)

Trail cleared of downed wood and is snow free to the lake. (7/22/2022) 

Mountain Goats in the area.  Please help us keep these animals wild by giving them their space and keeping your dog on a leash.

Blue Buck

Trail conditions unknown.

Boundary Trail Irongate to Pasayten River

Trail conditions unknown.

The Boundary Trail is in great shape. Take the short user trail to Quartz Lake and enjoy a beautiful alpine lake with clean campsites and great trout fishing. (9/5/23)

The trail is clear from Horseshoe Pass to the Ashnola switchbacks.

The trail is clear from Pevee Pass to Bunker Hill. (7/28/23)

Trail is cleared from Horseshoe Pass to Tungsten Mine. (7/13/2023)

*If you are traveling on the Boundary Trail #533, it is recommended that you ford the Pasayten River to access the Border Trail #461 (located North of the junction of the Hidden Lakes Trail #477 and Boundary Trail #533).

Spanish Camp to Dean Creek:
Bridge at Martina Creek has been burned and no longer exists. There is an easy ford for hikers but it is difficult for stock. Quartz Lake side trail is roughly 0.5 miles and has good views (lake area quite burned). Dean Creek area has been heavily burned. Campsites have been burned and many snags are present. 

**Remember to properly store food to avoid animal problems.  Bears are in area (hang food).  Mountain goats are in area (please pee on rocks).  Mosquitos plentiful.

Boundary Trail Pasayten River to PCT

Trail conditions unknown.

The trail is cleared from the Pasayten airfield to the Frosty Creek crossing. (8/9/22)

There are multiple water sources on the trail segment from Bunker Hill to Park Pass. 

Burch Mountain

Trail conditions unknown.

The northern 1.5 miles of the trail was intensely burned in the 2017 Diamond Creek Fire, leaving blackened trees. 

Buckskin Ridge

Trail conditons unknown.

Buckskin Ridge Trail to Silver Lake is in good shape. One to two trees down, and almost no brush. Would be a great trail run. Silver Lake is in good condition. Most small creeks are now dry. Not passable to stock. (9/19/23)


The Buckskin Ridge Trail #498 is typically maintained every 2-3 years, however it was not maintained in 2022.  The trail can be very steep in places, as it follows an old sheepherder route.  Trail reports from last season are that the travel is generally fairly decent on this trail to about Buckskin Lake.  The last few miles of trail near the junction with the Robinson Creek Trail #478 drop in elevation into the timber.  The last few miles (farthest northern segment) of this trail below 5600 ft in elevation have a very heavy amount of downed trees on the trail.  It was described as a jungle gym, with trees down about every 200 feet.  If crews have time, this trail will be maintained in 2023, but it is a lower priority than other nearby popular trails so that is not guaranteed for this season.

Cady Pass

Trail conditons unknown.

Castle Pass

Trail conditions unknown.

Difficult to find trail in places. Beyond mile 5.5 trail has not been cleared in over 20 years.

Cathedral Driveway

Trail conditions unknown.

Cedar Creek

Trail is snow-free to the falls. (5/3/2024)

Chancellor/Canyon Creek


Trail conditions unknown.

Chancellor Trail is not passable to stock. Hikers should be advised there are several sections of potential dangerous sections; 4 tread washouts and 2 failing bridges.The trail has not been maintained for many years, but has receieved some logout attention from unofficial sawyers. With a few exceptions of the washouts and bridges, much of the trail is still in relatively good shape between Canyon Creek Trailhead and the old Chancellor Campground. Chancellor Trail between the old Chancellor Campground and Sky Pilot Pass is in unknown condition.

Boulder Creek Trail #729 is steep and extremely low use and has not been logged out in many years, though it is easy to follow to the North American Mine. (9/27/2021) Mill Creek #755 is abandoned and becomes difficult to follow 1/2 mile from Chancellor Trail. Tread on cross slope is rough and non-exsistant. 

Early-season option for a snow-free hike. 


Trail conditions unknown.

The trail has been cleared to Remmel Lake/Boundary Trail #533 junction. (7/13/2023)

Chickadee Trailhead

Trailhead and associated trails are snow-free. (5/3/2024)

Clutch Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Coleman Ridge

Trail conditons unknown.

Trail is cleared of downed wood to within 3/4 mile from Four Point Lake. (7/13/2023)

Trail #505 on Colman Ridge proper has not seen maintenance in many years and is difficult to find in places and is not passable to stock.

Cooney Lake

Trail conditions unknown.

Copper Glance

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail is cleared of downed trees to the first small lakelet, about 6,200 ft.  There is solid snow on the trail after that.  The brush is growing and so you can expect to see brushy conditions in weeks to come. (5/23/2023)

This is a nice trail that allows you to see a historic mineshaft and a lake surrounded
by larch trees. This trail takes you uphill through a burn scar and opens up to beautiful views of the
Eightmile Creek drainage. The Isabella Ridge and Sherman Peak tower over the lovely larch trees that
surround the lake.

Many trees, of all sizes, across trail. Fifty trees from trailhead to mine, another 50-60 between mine and lake. Some areas of blowdown are a tangle to get around. Especially at the upper creek crossing the blowdown is extensive and it can be tricky to find the trail once you make your way through the tangle.

Copper Pass

Trail is cleared of downed wood to Copper Pass. (7/13/2023)

Due to the lack of trail maintenance on the western 1.4 miles of Copper Creek Trail (the Twisp River side), the Mile Post 160 Trail (off of hwy. 20) has become the best hiker option for access to Copper Pass from the west.  The MP 160 trail is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR STOCK.

Crater Creek

Trail conditons unknown.

Cleared of downed wood to the lakes. (7/13/2023)

Crater Mountain

Trail conditions unknown.

Cutthroat Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail cleared of downed logs to the lake and then to the pass. (6/21/23)

The trail is in great shape but be aware of the damaged bridges. Cutthroat is a great, less crowded alternative to some of the busier
trails. Users should be aware that this is a multiple use trail and should expect mountain bikes, stock and
hikers. It is highly recommended that dogs be kept under control while hiking or riding. 

Camping is not allowed within ¼ mile of the lake to help preserve the fragile alpine vegetation, as this is a very popular day hike area. 36 CFR 261.58 (e).  Nearby Lone Fir Campground is open for camping when snow is melted.

Crystal Lake

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail #517 was logged out to the wilderness boundary in 2018.  Beyond the wilderness boundary, the trail is difficult to find in places and has not been cleared in several years.

Dean Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

This trail is not easily followed. Tread is visible in some locations. There is one water crossing about 1/3 of the way up the trail and this is the only water source for about 3 miles. Only recommended for advanced hikers.   

This trail has not been maintained for many years and is IMPASSABLE TO STOCK and difficult for hikers.

Deer Park

Trail conditions unknown.

Devils Ridge

Trail conditions unknown.

Devil’s Ridge Trail between Devil’s Pass and Hollman pass has many blowdowns, especially dropping down to Hollman from Sky-Pilot. The loop of Jackita Ridge and Devil’s Dome along Ross Lake is fairly clear of trees. (7/25/23)

Between Deception and Sky Pilot Passes, there are multiple old bridges in poor condition.  These are manageable for hikers but NOT PASSABLE FOR STOCK. Water is available at Devil's Pass via a short sput trail downhill from the pass and near the Bear Skull shelter.

Diamond Jack

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail has not seen maintenance in several years and is difficult to find beyond Fox Lakes.

Dollar Watch  

Trail conditions unknown.

Also known as the East Fork Pasayten Trail, this trail has not been maintained in many years.

Drake Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail is clear for about 1 mile past the junction with trail 477.

Trail was highly affected by the 2017 Diamond Creek Fire and there are many downed trees.  Trail is IMPASSABLE TO STOCK.  

Driveway Butte

Trail is snow-free to aprox. 6,000 ft.  There are no logs over the trail for the first 2.4 miles. (5/7/2024)

One of the first trails to melt out in the early spring.  Great views of the upper Methow valley. 

Eagle Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

The brush in the lower section runs out about 4 miles from the trailhead and you break into timbered slopes as you climb towards the ridge. (9/2/23)

Entire trail is cleared of downed wood. (7/13/2023)

Stock may have difficulty due to the ground giving under horses' weight in places on the edge of the trail. (07/2022)

Eagle Lakes

Trail conditions unknown.

*Camping spaces at Crater Creek TH reserved for camping and not for overflow parking.

Early Winters

Trail is snow-free. (5/3/2024)

Trail has not been cleared of downed trees for many years.

East Creek

Trail is snow-free. (5/3/2024)

Trail has not seen maintenance in several years.

East Fork Buttermilk

Trail conditions unknown.

Road to access the East Buttermilk Trail (400) is deeply rutted and high vehicle clearance is suggested. 

East Fork Pasayten

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail has been not been logged out since 2017 Diamond Creek Fire.  Downed trees, burned bridges, and boggy areas make the trail not stock passable.  Severe burned areas; be aware of mudslides and trees falling. 

Easy Pass

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail is cleared of downed trees to the boundary with the park. (7/13/2023)

This is a good intermediate trail with a rewarding view. The hike is mostly incline until you reach the pass. The tread of the trail is in good condition but is rocky in some sections. There are marmots and pikas are around. 

The bridge over Granite Creek on the Easy Pass trail has a badly damaged railing; use caution. 

Falls Creek Falls


Trail is snow-free. (5/3/2024)

Falls Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Ferguson Lake

Trail conditins unknown.

Fire Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail has not received maintenance in many years.

Foggy Dew Creek Section 1

Trail conditions unknown.

Foggy Dew trail has one section with a torn root wad, between 417.1 and Junction with Martin Lakes trail. (8/8/23)

Entire trail cleared of downed wood. (6/21/23)

Foggy Dew Creek Section 2

Trail conditions unknown.

Foggy Dew Ridge

Trail conditions unknown.

Fred's Lake

Trail conditions unknown.

The trail to the lakes has minimal logs down and most are easy to hop over. The tread is in overall good condition, but anyone with a horse should expect some difficulty especially on the lower switchbacks. Freds and Doris lakes are excellent lakes to fish and do some ridge exploring. Hikers should expect to see other campers there. (8/8/23)

Restoration area at Fred’s Lake closed, but several other campsites available.  Campsites also up at Doris Lake. 

Goat Peak

Trail conditions unknown.

This is a north facing trail and so holds snow later into the spring. 

Hidden Lakes

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail is cleard to Diamond Creek, about 8 miles. (7/13/2023)

**Trail #477 past junction with Tatoosh Buttes has not been maintained in years.

The trail is very burned, but the hike to 8-mile pass is beautiful.  The burn opened up the views to toward Eightmile Peak and Isabella Ridge, and there is a nice waterfall coming out of No Dice lake that is now visible from the trail.

Holman Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

The Holman Cutoff Trail has not been maintained for the last 2-3 years.  (April 2023)

Jackita Ridge

Trail conditions unknown.

The trail climbs steeply from highway 20 with a spur trail that accesses Crater Mt. Past, it crosses high meadows before climbing north across Jackita Ridge proper to meet up with the Devil’s Ridge Trail at Devil’s Pass. The whole ridgeline has sweeping views of Thunder Creek drainage and looming Jack Mt. with its glaciers. Water is present but scarce. Spring at Devil’s Pass fills in a gap between Devil’s Creek and Devil’s Dome along trail #752. (7/25/23)

Trail is cleared for about 1.5 miles past the Canyon Creek trailhead.

From Canyon Creek TH to Devil’s Pass: This is a section of trail that allows you to see
unburned sections of the Pasayten Wilderness. This particular section of the Devil’s Dome loop is very
steep but offers beautiful vistas and colorful scenery. Devil’s Park Shelter is a historic wilderness
structure that can be seen on this trail. Water sources are spaced out on this trail so be sure to fill up
when you can. There is a scramble section of trail between Devil’s Park and Jackita Peak which is
impassable by stock. A beautiful and difficult section of trail. 

Bridge at Canyon Creek has been destroyed by a fallen tree. When the water is running high it is unadvisable to attempt a crossing.

*Can start at East Bank TH on NCNP and then connect into this trail via Ruby Creek trail #736.

Larch Creek/Billy Goat Pass

Trail conditions unknown.

Larch Creek Trail into the Pasayten Wilderness is in great shape. Logged out, minimal brush, and extremely beautiful. Wildflowers are still out. Corral and Crow lakes are easily accessible along this trail, with plentiful clean campsites. (9/5/23)

Larch Creek Trail is in great shape to Pevee Pass. Water is abundant along the trail. The wildflowers have passed their peak. Camping is not recommended at Quarts Lake due to large amounts of standing dead trees. (7/26/23)

Trail is cleared to Larch Pass and Pevee Pass. (7/13/2023)

This trail allows you to access the diversity of landscapes the Pasayten has to offer. The trail takes you through mountain passes and great views. McCall Gulch Pass and Corral Lake are beautiful. A lot of this trail is in a burned area so be cautious of high wind weather and landslides after rain. 

Intensely burned during 2017 Diamond Creek Fire.  Some tread and drainage issues.

Lake Ann/Maple Pass Loop

Trail conditions unknown.

Entire Trail is cleared of downed wood. (7/13/2023)

This is a very popular trail and receives heavy use.  Please keep dogs within your control and on leash.  Please STAY ON THE TRAIL in order to protect fragile alpine vegetation.

**Absolutely no camping is being permitted within 1/4 mile around Lake Ann or Rainy Lake or along the Heather/Maple Pass Loop Trail.     

Lake Creek

Trail is snow-free. (5/3/2024)

This is a lovely trail that leads to a beautiful lake. It is 4 miles to the lake and the grade of the trail is very gradual. 

The trail is NOT STOCK PASSIBLE TO THE STOCK CAMP at the end of the lake due to large boulders in the trail. 

Beyond Black Lake, trail has not been cleared in years and MANY DOWNED TREES.

Leecher Lookout

Trail conditions unknown.

Libby Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Small section of trail burned in the 2018 Crescent Fire. Trail receives intermittent logout but has not been maintained in many years and you can expect many trees across the trail.

Difficult for stock; not recommended for pack stock due to difficult rocky sections and difficult creek crossings.

Lightning Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Entire trail logged out. (5/24/2023)

Lookout Mountain

Trail is snow-free. (5/3/2024)


Lone Fir

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail has not been maintained in several years and has many obsticles for hikers.

Long Draw

Trail conditions unknown.

Louis Lake 

Trail conditions unknown.

Bridge to Louis Lake is completed and in good condition. (Sept. 2023)

The access trail to Louis Lake is NOT AFFECTED BY SOUTH CREEK TRAIL CLOSURE.

See South Creek Trail #401 Closure information below.

The route is about 70% burned by the 2018 Crescent Mt fire.  The fire intensity was not uniform, with a wide range of impacts, pockets of unburned brush & trees to areas with no surviving trees.  The initial 0.4 mile of climb up the Louis Lake trail has few surviving trees and a few areas of erosion and root burnout affecting the tread.  As would be expected, there is much less shade on the trail.

Martin Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Entire trail cleared of downed wood. (6/21/23)

McCall Gulch

Trail conditions unknown.

This trail descends into a burned area from the 2017 Diamond Creek Fire and completely disappears (has not been logged out since fire). Not stock passable. Only for those wanting to bushwack.  Be aware of mudslides and falling trees. 

Middle Fork

Trail conditions unknown.

Middle Fork Beaver Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Monument Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail is cleared of downed trees for about 3 miles from the trailhead. (2023)

In the Fall of 2022, the trail was cleared aprox. 2.7 miles (5400') beyond Eureka Creek. The footlog bridge has been fully installed at the Eureka Creek crossing. Past the bridge the trail steeply climbs up to reveal beautiful views of the Lost River drainage. Beyond this point the trail has not been maintained in many years and is hard to follow in places.

North Fork 20 Mile

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail has about 20 downed trees with most being easily passable and a couple needing to be scrambled over or around. The trail is not stock passable due to the downed trees. (5/28/2023)

Trail is clear for the first two miles. (5/15/2023)

North Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

North Lake has an abundance of berries and flowers out on the trail. Saskatoon, blueberries, thimbleberries, and huckleberries are all out. The trail is completely clear of fallen logs. (7/25/23)

Logged out to the Wilderness Boundary. (5/24/2023)

Oval Lakes

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail has many blowdowns. (8/8/23)

Trail is in great shape and wildflowers are in full bloom. It is brushy in the burn scar, with one fallen tree that may pose a problem for stock. There is a toilet at West Oval and a few great campsites. (7/25/23)

Trail is cleared of downed trees to Oval Lakes. (7/13/2023)

Difficult for stock because of the ground giving under horses' weight in places near the edge of the trail.

Pacific Crest Trail (Bridge Creek to Stehekin)

Trail conditions unknown.

The trail has been maintained from the trailhead to the boundary with North Cascades National Park.

**There is no car camping allowed at the trailhead. Lone Fir Campground is open.

Pacific Crest Trail (Hwy 20 to Harts Pass)

Trail conditions unknown.

The trail is cleared of downed trees from Rainy Pass to Harts Pass. (7/27/23)

**Two permanent bear boxes have been installed for food storage near the Hart’s Pass Guard Station.  The boxes are located where the PCT crosses the FSR 5400-700 Road, about 100 feet down the 700 road from the Hart’s Pass Guard Station Cabin.  The boxes are highly visible and easy to locate from the PCT.  The snowpack is still around 60 inches at Hart’s Pass as of mid-June, so hikers should be prepared to dig to access the boxes and be prepared for technical snow travel.

One unstable slope/washout between Granite Pass and Snowy Lakes creates a challenge for hikers, impassable for stock.

Pacific Crest Trail (Hart’s Pass to Canada)

Trail conditions unknown.

PCT North from Slate to Windy Pass is also in great shape. Well traveled and plenty of campsites. Most small water creeks are now dry. (9/19/23)

The PCT is entirely cleared of downed trees north of Hart’s Pass. This late in the season, water is starting to become scarce and many of the creek beds have dried up. Best options for water along the way north from Hart’s Pass are, camp north of Tamarack peak down from the Devil’s Backbone, north of Jim Peak, just south of Holman Pass before a burnt section, Canyon Creek (0.3 mi west of Holman Pass on Devil’s Ridge), and north of Holman Pass. There are many huckleberries in Cooney basin and along Rock Creek. (8/23/23)

Trail is in great shape and wildflowers are in full bloom. There are small creeks along the way, all adequate for resupplying water. Campsites along this stretch of the PCT are clean and plentiful. (8/9/23)

The trail is cleared of downed trees from Harts Pass to Canada. (7/27/23)

Trail is in good shape with only a few logs blocking. Water is available but disappearing fast with the
warming temps. (7/7/23)

Park  Pass

Trail conditions unknown.

Park Pass trail can be a bit difficult at times to follow, as the burn scar has caused some run outs. Once you emerge above the burn scar and into the alpine, the trail is in amazing shape and beautiful. One can also take the user trail to the border. Ramon Lake has lots of frogs, fish, and other aquatic life. Enjoy the many campsites and spectacular views of Canada. (9/5/23)

Has not been cleared since the 2017 Diamond Creek Fire partially burned the trail. Not passable to stock but passable to hikers. 

Pasayten Drive

Trail conditions unknown.

Pearrygin Peak

Trail conditions unknown.

Most of the trail was burned in the 2006 Tripod Fire and has received minimal maintenance since then.  Stock and mountain bikes will be stopped within the first mile.  Hikers will have difficulty with hundreds of logs over the trail and in locating the trail after the first 2.0 miles.

525 & 525A

Trail Conditions unknown.

Peepsite Creek Trail was burned in 2003 and has received little mattenance since then. The burned areas have large amount of blowdowns that are difficult for hikers and impassable for stock.

Rainy Lake

Trail conditions unknown.

**Camping is NOT allowed within 1/4 mile of the lake to help preserve the fragile alpine vegetation.

Reynolds Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail was burned in the 2018 Crescent Fire and has not seen maintenance in several years. After first few miles, the trail essentially disappears.

Robinson Creek 

The flowers are starting to bloom, but still sparse.  The trail has not been logged out and has been damaged by rockfall, causing minor difficulty for hikers.  Stock will be stopped by a log at 1.7 miles and the trail damage at 1.8 miles.  Snow starts just prior to the 2nd bridge over Robinson Creek (4.0 miles). Conditions are unknown beyond 4.9 miles. (5/4/2024)

The trail has been completely cleared of any fallen trees up to the Pasayten Airstrip. The areas that have been burned past the Pasayten River crossing have maintained their integrity and are in excellent condition. (8/8/23)

At the junction with the Buckskin Ridge trail #498, cross to the west side of the Pasayten River on trail #498 to access trails #498, #472, #473, #533, and the Pasayten Airport.  (There are bridges or footlogs available at all these river crossings.  Upper segment of #498 where it cross the Pasayten River has a landslide and difficult river crossing that is not recommended for hikers or stock.) There are quite a few campsites along the 478 trail that are in good condition.

Rock Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

The Rock Creek trail #473 is impassable to stock at this time, due to excessive tree downfall across the trail and unstable trail tread conditions that resulted from the NW Pasayten wildfires of Fall 2022. Hikers should proceed with caution in the area and understand that travel will be greatly impacted by these conditions. (2024)

Scatter Creek

Trail cleared of downed wood aprox. 1 mile in from trailhead. (6/21/23)

This area was included in the 2018 Crescent Mountain Fire.

Sheep Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Burned in the 2017 Diamond Creek Fire. Has not seen maintenance in several years. 

Slate Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Smith Lake

Trail conditions unknown.

South Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Bridge to Louis Lake is completed and in good condition. (Sept. 2023)

The trail is closed approximately 2.5 miles up South Creek Trail #401 at a gated private property boundary. The private land owner has closed public access approximately 1/2 mile beyond the junction with Louis Lake trail.  There is no public access through the private land. There are no alternative routes around the private property due to steep terrain and high water crossings. See CLOSURE MAP
See LOUIS LAKE TRAIL #428 alert and information above.

There are no side trails to Mosquito, Bugger, or South Lakes and navigation and progress can be difficult and slow.

Spanish Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

This trail has not been maintained for years.  It is impassable for stock and difficult for hikers with boggy sections with the trail difficult to find.

Stub Creek/Deception Pass

Trail conditions unknown.

Trail has not seen maintenance in several years.

Sunrise Lake

Trail conditions unknown.

Tatoosh Buttes

Trail conditions unknown.

Has not been maintained in a couple of years. Lots and lots of trees down across the trail especially where it leaves the middle fork Pasayten. Once you break out of tree line it’s ok but would expect lots of trees across the trail again as you drop into the Hidden Lakes area. (2024)


Trail conditions unknown.

Trail is fully cleared to the junction with the Boundary Trail #533.(7/13/2023)

Twisp Pass

Trail conditions unknown.

Logged out to the Wilderness Boundary. (5/24/2023)

Twisp River

Trail is snow-free. (5/3/2024)

Trail was partially burnt in the 2018 Crescent Fire. Trail receives routine annual logout. 

War Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Road 4430-100 washed out and gate is locked blocking access to the trailhead. (5/17/2023)

After about 2.5 miles there is a heavy load of logs down. As you get closer to the cabin, around 5 miles in, they begin to stack on top of each other and navigating off trail becomes essential. This trail is not currently stock friendly. The cabin is still accessible and fun for a day hike.

Washington Pass OverlookTrail conditions unknown.

The WA Pass Overlook road is gated however, it is plowed to the trailhead.  There is snow on the trail to the overlook but people have been using it. (5/3/2024)

This short trail does NOT require Northwest Forest Pass.

Car camping is only allowed within developed recreation campground sites along the North Cascades Scenic Highway 20. There is no car camping allowed at the trailhead. Lone Fir Campground is open and nearby.

West Fork Buttermilk

Trail conditions unknown.

Cleared of downed wood to the Wilderness Boundary. (6/21/23)

West Fork Methow

Currently, most flowers are at their prime. The Trout Creek Ford is 2 ft deep with a high current. (5/6/2024)

Watch for rattlesnakes, especially if hiking with dogs.

The first 5 miles from the trailhead are cleared of logs and not very brushy. The last 3 miles to the PCT junction are very overgrown with willow and ceanothus. 

Bridge has washed out at Trout Creek. 

West Fork Pasayten

Trail conditions unknown.

In recent years, trail has only received maintenance from Slate Peak to Holman Cuttoff Trail (#472.1).  Going north from Holman Cuttoff (#472.1) to Middle Fork (#478), near the Pasayten Airport, there are hundreds of trees.  Very difficult for hikers; impossible for stock.

Whistler Cutoff

Trail conditions unknown.

Cleared of downed wood from Harts Pass to Middle Fork of the Pasayten trail. (7/13/2023)

Williams Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Windy Creek

Trail conditions unknown.

Windy Peak

Trail conditions unknown.

Wolf Creek

Snow patches start at 7.1 miles. (4/19/2024)

Logged out 7.5 miles.  Ongoing post-fire work on the trail scheduled throughout the summer. NOT STOCK PASSABLE BEYOND MILE 3.

The foot log over North Fork Wolf Creek was significantly compromised by fire damage. The camps at 0.8 miles and 2.6 miles are usable but are surrounded by dead trees.