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Flooding, and storms in December 2016 caused major damage to several roads, including washed out bridges and large debris in roadway.  Roads are being evaluated for repairs by Forest Service employees.  Several road construction projects are taking place during 2016 summer season, as well as the summer of 2017.


Naches Ranger District Road Conditions
Road Name and Number



S. Fork Tieton Rd

No. 1000 

Closed due to flood damage.  Closed at mp 5 at the gate, washout is at Mile Post 11, approximately 1 miles before Conrad Meadows. 4/13/17

No. 1040


Closed at mile post 0.1.  Estimated repair in summer of 2018. 


Tieton River Rd
No. 1207

Open from Road No. 1207-250 to non-motorized traffic which includes hikers, mountain bikes and horses.  Planned repairs to flood damage in early summer 2017.

Spring 2016 reported damage at 1207 barrier impassable. Road closed.  Planned replacement of Miriam Creek Bridge underway; anticipate work completion by mid-October. 



No. 1306

Closed to all motorized traffic because of a 30 foot slump in the road and a large culvert that is eroded and damaged.  No anticipated repair date at this time. 4/13/17

Indian Creek

No. 1308

Closed due to flood waters and large debris that washed out and blocked the last portion of the road to the trailhead.  No anticipated repair date at this time. 4/13/17

Little Rattlesnake Rd
No. 1501

Decomissioned of first 5 miles complete. More infomation at 1501 Flood Repair Project .

Spring 2016-Washed out 8 miles past decomissioned part.


McDaniel Lake Rd

No. 1502



Closed to all traffic due to bridge damage and road washout.  Planned bridge reconstruction in summer of 2018. 4/13/17

Gold Creek Road
No. 1703

Road is decommissioned from Milepost 2.0 to 2.1. Areas below the decommissioned area can be accessed via Forest Service Road 1703.  Areas above the decommision site can be accessed via Forest Service Road 1705.  The road is open to trail users and snowmobiles.


Milk Creek Road
No. 1708


Forest Service road up to junction with 1708-592. Jeep trail beyond this junction.


Lower River Road  

No. 1704

Decommissioning work is complete. Turnarounds have been constructed at each end of the closure. A trail continues through the decommissioned section. 


Bumping River Road

No. 1800

The 1800 road will be closed due to the American Ridge Fire


Little Naches

FSR No. 1900

FSR 1900 is closed due to the Norse Peak Fire 9/7/2017

Quartz Creek

FR No. 1901

Closed  to motorized traffic for flood damage at mile post 6.9 and 7.2. Environmental analysis on hold.        10/30/2013

Morse Creek Road

No. 462.

 A drainage crossing over the road roughly 1 mile up the road from its junction with Highway 410 is currently unsuitable for passenger and stock vehicle travels.  Visitors expecting to drive beyond this point should come equipped with a high-clearance 4x4 vehicle.  A sign will be placed on the edge of the road roughly .2 miles from the Highway 410 junction near a large dispersed camp/alternate trailhead parking area.  Visitors with stock vehicles and passenger cars that desire to access the Wilderness via Bear Gap Trailhead should park here and plan on walking/riding two additional miles up the roadway to the trailhead. 5/20/2014