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Expect to encounter post-fire damage and hazards on trails. Creek crossings require extra caution; rapid snow melt has caused fast water flow. 

Trail condition reports are gathered from Forest Service employees, volunteers and public reports. WTA.ORGNWHIKERS.NET   and are excellent sources for the most current trail conditions and ideas for hikes and backpacking trips. 

We update the website as we become aware of conditions. 

Last Updated:7/26/2022


Holden Village area Non-Wilderness trails

Holden Loop Trail

Maintained in the 2022 season.

Ten Mile Creek Trail 

Mantained in 2022. Expect to encounter post fire damage and hazards. Be prepared for a creek crossing that can be difficult in the early season.

Ten Mile Falls Trail 

Maintained in 2022. Expect to encounter post-fire damage and hazards.

Viewing platform.

Monkey Bear Falls Trail 

Maintained in the 2022 season. Expect to encounter post-fire damage and hazards.


Lucerne area Non-Wilderness trails

Domke Lake Trail 

Maintained and cleared in 2022. Expect to encounter post fire damage and hazards. Be aware of your surroundings when hiking in windy conditions. Potential for blow down trees will persist for several years.

Domke Mtn Trail 

Maintain and cleared in 2022. Trail was re-established and maintained to the top in the 2019 season. Expect to encounter post fire damage and hazards. The trail can be difficult to follow in some sections.


Glacier Peak Wilderness trails

Agnes Gorge Trail 

Maintained in the 2021 season.  

Company Creek Trail 

Maintained in 2021. 

Copper Basin Trail 

Maintained in the 2022 season.

Devore Creek Trail 

Maintained in 2021. Expect to encounter ongoing heavy blowdown in burned areas. Be aware that Bird Camp has been damaged by blow down and is generally not recommended as safe camping. Consider camping in any of the existing sites in the meadow above.

Emerald Park Trail 

Trail was cleared of logs and maintained to Hilgard Pass in 2021, including extensive brush removal. Be aware of your surroundings and use extreme caution if hiking in windy conditions. Potential for blow down trees will persist in this area for several years.

Hart / Lyman Lake Trail 

Cleared in 2022. The creek crossing above Hart lake is in an alluvial fan and therefore changes courses regulary. The crossing can be hazardous in high water.

Holden Lake Trail

Maintained and cleared in 2022.

Lower Railroad Creek Trail 

Not maintained since 2015 due to heavy fire damage that destroyed trail. Be prepared for route-finding and cross-country conditions.

Upper Lyman Trail #1256.2

Maintained in 2021. Bridge has been replaced in 2019.

Spider Gap 

Snow covered. This is not a trail, but a cross-country route through the pass between Spider Meadows and Upper Lyman Lakes.  Expect route finding through talus and snow. An ice axe is recommended in early season. 


Pacific Crest Trail #2000

Snow until past Sitting Bowl Basin. Partially maintained in 2022 but still lots of snow. Maintained from High Bridge to Suiattle Pass in 2021. Expect brush in places.

This is a popular trail that experiences high volumes of users. As in all backcountry terrain, be sure to follow Leave No Trace wilderness principles to ensure the longevity and health of this area.

Suiattle/Cloudy Hiker Shortcut

Maintained in 2021. Hazardous when snow on route. 


Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness trails

Lower Fish Creek Trail 

Maintained to junction with 1248.1 in 2021. 

The trail past 1248.1 junction has not been maintained in years.

North Fork Fish Creek Trail

Maintained in 2021. 


Lakeshore Trail

Cleared Prince Creek to National Park boundary in May 2022. Be aware of rattlesnakes when hiking in this area. Usually not maintained until end of April/beginning of May. Blow down will be present if hiking in April. 

N. Fork Prince Creek Trail 

Maintained and cleared in 2021. Brushy in the upper portion.

Oval Pass Trail #1259.13

Maintained and cleared in 2021

Prince Creek Trail #1255.

Maintained in 2021. The lower four miles of the trail are not passable by stock. There is no bridge or foot-log across Prince Creek at mile 4 and the creek can be very difficult to cross during early season run-off. 

Round Lake / Horton Butte Trail

Unmaintained. Expect heavy brush and blowdown.

Summit Trail 

Maintained and cleared from South Navarre to the National Park boundary in 2021. 

Surprise Lake Trail #1249

Maintained in 2021 but trail remains in rough condition due to persisting drainage issues. The trail is passable by hikers to the lake. Stock users may want to use caution in trenched areas.


Sawtooth Backcountry Non-Wilderness Trails

Due to the 2017 Uno Peak Fire Potenial for catastrophic flashfloods are high, please be aware of your surroundings.

Hoodoo Pass Trail #1259.31 (hiker & horse)

Was maintained and cleared in 2021.

Prince Creek Trail #1255

(motor & mtn. bikes, horse, hiker)

Was cleared and maintained in 2021.

The section of trail on the Chelan side of Horsehead Pass is rated Most Difficult for motorbike travel but trail improvements had been made in this area to make it more passable motorbikes and stock. Still a few narrow areas with drops. 

Safety Harbor Trail #1261

(motor & mtn. bikes, horse, hiker)

Maintained in 2022. Expect to encounter heavy post-fire hazards from the 2017 fire including dead and down trees. Be aware of your surroundings when traveling across a burn zone. Risk for flash floods are possible. Check weather conditions before using this trail.

Summer Blossom Trail
(hiker only)

Maintained and cleared in 2021. Best access to Summit Trail from the east. Water can be sparse in sections. Plan ahead and bring plenty of water.


Summit Trail #1259.3 

(motor & mtn. bikes, horse, hiker)

Trail was clear and maintained in 2021. Some fire damage on trail that makes some sections more difficult for motorbikes and horses. 


Uno Peak Trail #1260

(motor & mtn. bikes, horse, hiker)

Maintained in 2021. Trail will continue to experience falling trees due to fire damage in 2017. Trail is difficult with narrow tread. Be aware of your surroundings when traveling across a burn zone. Check weather conditions before using this trail.


25 Mile Creek & Stormy Mountain area trails 

(Open to motorbikes, mountain bikes, horses and hikers)

Devil’s Backbone Trail 

Passable and snow free. 

Lone Peak Trail #1264

Maintained in 2022. Affected by fire in 2021 and may have more trees falling during wind events. 

Preferred access to North Fork 25 Mile Trail #1256.


Pot Peak Trail 

Maintained in 2022. Passable to Devil's Backbone.  Affected by fire in 2021 so windfall may be present on trail throughout season. 

North Fork 25 Mile Trail 

Maintained in 2022. 

First 3 miles some steep and rough sections, only for advanced riders. Use Lone Peak trail to access 25 Mile.

Mostly okay for hikers except for one really steep area that less experienced hikers may have trouble with. 

Lone Peak trail intersects the N. Fork 25 Mile trail at N. Fork mile 2.6. River crossing at 3 miles; must ford as there is no bridge. 

Stormy Mt. Trail #1233

Not maintained


North Shore area trails

Echo Ridge Trails #1290 - 1297

Maintained annually. In winter, area becomes a nordic ski area with some separate trails for hiking/snowshoeing. Trails are usually still snowy or muddy in March and usually don't dry up until April. 


All Other Trails

Trails not included on this report

Have not been maintained for years and there are no plans to maintain them.   If you choose to travel them be for prepared for cross-country travel conditions.