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Trails on the Wenatchee River Ranger District are now mostly snow free except for patches at the highest elevations and passes.   Trail maintenance is currently ongoing, call the Leavenworth Ranger Station for the latest conditions. 


There are multiple trail and road closures in place due to the Cougar Creek Fire

Closure Order

Closure Map


Enchantments Report


Mission Creek / Devils Gulch Area
Devils Spur
Logged out  
Devils Gulch

Logged out

Mission Ridge
Logged out  
Sand Creek    
Red Devil

Logged out

Red Hill

Logged out


Red Hill Spur
Logged out 5/07/2018
Highway 97 / Blewett Pass Area
Tronsen Ridge
Logged out 7/6/2018
Tronsen Meadow
Logged out  
Ingalls Creek
Logged out from trail head all the way to Stuart Pass.  Safe and passable for stock. 8/27/2018
Fourth Creek
Mostly in good condition. The start of the uphill from Ingalls creek is steep with loose rock, use caution in this area. 8/27/2018
Lake Wenatchee Area
Dirty Face
A few trees down. Snow free. 6/23/18
Hidden Lake
Logged out and in good shape. 6/04/2018
Round Mountain
Conditions Unknown  
Nason Ridge at Kahler Glen
Conditions Unknown  
Little Wenatchee River Area
Cady Creek
Few logs down but passable. Brushy in multiple sections. Creek crossings are easy. 7/29/2018
Cady Ridge
Clear and brush free. 8/5/2018
Top Lake  
A few trees down.  9/3/18
Poe Mountain
A few trees down.  6/24/18
Lake Minotaur
Logged out and in good condition. 7/13/2018
Little Wenatchee
Very brushy trail with intermittent breaks in tree stands. Watch footing because of rocks on the trail that the brush conceals.  8/5/2018
Heather Lake
Trail in good condition. Couple trees down but easily navigated.  7/3/2018
Little Wenatchee Ridge
A few trees down.  6/24/18
Irving Pass
A few trees down.  6/24/18
White River Area
Indian Creek
Not logged out. Extremely brushy sections. 9/6/18
Twin Lakes
Snow free with a few logs you can navigate around easily. The first ford is swift and knee deep in places so use caution when crossing. 6/05/2018
White River
Not been maintained beyond junction with Boulder Creek Trail -- non-existent and extremely brushy in sections, not recommended for travel. Access to the Pacific Crest Trail is possible via the Indian Creek Trail #1502  
Mount David
Conditions Unknown  
Boulder Creek
Conditions Unknown  
Chiwawa River Area
Carne Mountain

Not logged out yet. Numerous trees down across trail. Road to trailhead extremely rough, not recommended for low clearance vehicles.


Rock Creek

Logged out to the 5 mile mark. Only a few small logs across the trail after that are easy to get around.


Rock Creek Tie
Conditions Unknown  

Phelps Creek 


Logged out to the Spider Meadows. Road to trailhead extremely rough, not recommended for low clearance vehicles.


Buck Creek

Bridge collapsed over Chiwawa River but can be crossed by most hikers. Also a ford below the bridge. 


Basalt Ridge

Conditions Unknown


Little Giant

Conditions Unknown


Schaefer Lake

Many logs across the trail making travel slow.  Use CAUTION when crossing the Chiwawa river at the log crossing at the begining of the trail.


Alder Ridge ORV

Open. Note that Mad River trails are closed.

Minnow Ridge ORV
Open. Note that Mad River trails are closed. 10/18/2018
Estes Butte

Not logged out; several logs across trail.


Basalt Pass
Conditions Unknown  
Chikamin Creek ORV

Open. Note that Mad River trails are closed.


Minnow Creek

Conditions Unknown

Lower Chiwawa ORV




Chiwawa River

Conditions unkown

The Chiwawa River Trail #1550 will be closed from October 16, 2018 to June 1, 2019 to protect Bull Trout spawning habitat.


Chikamin Tie ORV
Open. Note that Mad River trails are closed. 10/18/2018
Highway 2 / Stevens Pass / Smithbrook Area
Snowy Creek
Conditions Unknown


Chiwaukum Creek
First 2 miles logged out, after that many logs down to Painter Creek junction. Mostly snow free, a few patches near Ladies Pass. 7/20/2018
Index Creek
Conditions Unknown  
Painter Creek
Conditions Unknown  
Conditions Unknown  
Hatchery Creek
Clear and logged out. Brushy in some areas down low. Also from #1570-Lake Augusta is clear.  
Whitepine Creek

Conditions Unknown

Lake Ethel
Conditions Unknown  
Rock Mountain
Conditions Unknown  
Merritt Lake
Has NOT been logged out. Snow starts around 4800ft. 6/04/2018
Lanham Lake

Conditions Unknown

Conditions Unknown 6/26/2018
No. Fork Chiwaukum Cr.
Trail from Chiwaukum Lake to Larch Lake has some brush and a few logs but is overall beautiful and easy to follow. 8/26/2018
Wildhorse Creek
Conditions Unknown  
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
North from Stevens Pass

Conditions Unknown  
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
South from Stevens Pass


From Steven's Pass to Trap Pass-only 2 trees to easily navigate around otheriwse in good condition.


Icicle Creek / Enchantments Area
Icicle Creek
Logged out to the French creek junction. 7/5/2018
Eightmile Lake
OPEN, be aware of partial closure at the lake due to Jack Creek fire in 2017. Trail is in good condition. 7/15/2018
Snow Creek / Snow Lakes

A few logs down but easily navigated.  Clear and well maintained.

Eightmile-Trout Creek
Multiple logs down but still passable. Snow at Caroline Lake, no snow below the lake. 6/11/2018
Trout Creek
Conditions Unknown  
Jack Creek

OPEN Trail is logged out to Meadow Creek junction. Passable for stock to the junction. Use caution and if you decide to go beyond the junction because of dangerous overhead hazards bacause of previous fire. Hiking not recomended in that area if wind is in the forecast.

From the Meadow creek junction to VanEpps there is significant fire damage with at least 26 downed trees and patches of lost trail. Not recomended for stock travel beyond the meadow creek junction.





Icicle Ridge
Trail in good condition to the saddle (Approx. 2.5 miles in) 6/01/2018
Fourth of July Creek
Logged out to the junction of Icicle Ridge, brushy in places. Snow free until last 100ft to the ridge. 5/24/2018
Chain Lakes
A few logs down to navigate. Patches of snow at the lakes still with a couple fords that are deep still, use caution when crossing. 7/06/2018
Chatter Creek
Conditions Unknown  
French Creek
Conditions Unknown  
Icicle Gorge
Maintained and logged out 6/07/2018
Stuart Lake
Trail is in good condition. 7/30/2018
Colchuck Lake

Trail is in great condition.



Average Spring trail openings/meltout

Late March to Mid April--- Icicle Ridge, Penstock, Leavenworth town trails (Blackbird Island, Ski Hill loop trails, Fish Hatchery trails, Wenatchee Foothill trails)

Mid April to Mid May -- Snow Creek, Fourth of July, Freund Canyon, Devil's Gulch, Ingalls Creek, Lake Stuart, Icicle Creek, Hatchery Creek, Eightmile Lake, Chatter Creek, Jack Creek. Hidden Lake, Twin Lakes, White Pine, Lower Chiwawa, Nason Ridge, Rock Mtn, Dirty Face.

Mid May or later -- Lake Ethel, Tronsen Ridge, Upper Devil's Gulch, Upper Mission Ridge, Little Wenatchee TH, Minotaur lake, Top Lake, Merritt Lake, Heather Lake, Shaeffer Lake, Rock Creek, White River/Indian Creek, Upper Chiwawa River TH's, Round Mtn, Irving Pass

For current forecast for Leavenworth: Click Here.

Lake Wenatchee area webcams

Leavenworth area webcams

Trail condition reports are gathered from Forest Service trail employees and wilderness rangers, USFS trail contractors, and public reports. WTA.ORG and NWHIKERS.NET   and WenatcheeOutdoors.org are also excellent sources for trail conditions and ideas for hikes and backpacking trips.