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Trails on the Wenatchee River Ranger District are experiencing the end result of avalanche conditions due to the heavy snow pack we have encountered this past season.  Expect downed trees and debris to prevail throughout the forest and plan accordingly when traveling in the backcountry.  Our trail crews are working hard to address these issues. Please use common sense when traveling on FS roads, and as always, know before you go.

Mission Creek / Devils Gulch Area
Devils Spur
Maintained and clear 07/13/2023
Devils Gulch

Maintained and clear

Mission Ridge
Conditions unknown 07/13/2023
Sand Creek   07/13/2023
Red Devil

Maintained and clear


Red Hill

Maintained and clear


Red Hill Spur
Conditions unknown


Highway 97 / Blewett Pass Area
Tronsen Ridge

Maintained and clear

Tronsen Meadow

Maintained and clear


Ingalls Creek
Maintained and clear  07/13/2023
Fourth Creek
Maintained and clear 07/13/2023
Lake Wenatchee Area
Dirty Face
Maintained but brushy


Hidden Lake
Maintained with several logs on the trail 07/13/2023
Round Mountain

Maintained and clear to Nason Ridge

Nason Ridge 
Maintained and clear from the trailhead to the Lookout 07/13/2023
Little Wenatchee River Area
Cady Creek

Open but inaccessible via the Little Wenatchee River Road.

Conditions unknown

Cady Ridge

Open but inaccessible via Little Wenatchee River Road. 

Conditions unknown

Top Lake  

Accessible from Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) of FS 6700.

Many logs on the trail but passible on foot.  

Poe Mountain
Closed due to Irving Peak and White River fires 07/13/2023
Lake Minotaur
Maintained and clear


Little Wenatchee
Closed due to Irving Peak and White River fires 08/30/2022
Heather Lake

Maintained but brushy with few logs on trail passable on foot


Little Wenatchee Ridge
ALSO: Little Wenatchee Gorge #1540 / Closed due to Irving Peak and White River fires 08/30/2022
Irving Pass
Closed due to Irving Peak and White River fires


White River Area
Indian Creek

Not maintained.  Difficult to follow and brushy

Twin Lakes
Mostly cleared and a significant wash out 07/13/2023
White River

Trail not maintained / impassable beyond Boulder Pass Junction. Access to the Pacific Crest Trail is possible via the Indian Creek Trail #1502.  

Mount David
Partially clear 07/13/2023
Boulder Creek / Pass

Conditions unknown

Chiwawa River Area
Carne Mountain
Maintained and cleared.  07/27/2023
Rock Creek

Clear to Rock Creek Tie; significant washout in 1st mile on steep side of slope

Trail not recommened for stock 

Rock Creek Tie

Conditions unknown 


Phelps Creek 


Trail maintained and clear to wilderness boundry 

Stock travel: NO turn around at trailhead

If camping please use previously impacted sites and do NOT camp on vegetation in the fragile meadows.  


Buck Creek



Basalt Ridge

Conditions unknown 

Little Giant

Conditions unknown 

Schaefer Lake

Mostly clear but must ford a creek

Alder Ridge ORV

Maintained and clear


Minnow Ridge ORV
Maintained and clear 07/13/2023
Estes Butte

Conditions unknown

Basalt Pass

Conditions unknown 

Chikamin Creek ORV

Maintained and clear


Minnow Creek

Maintained and clear

Lower Chiwawa ORV

Maintained and clear


Chiwawa River

Conditions unknown 

Chikamin Tie ORV

Maintained and clear


Highway 2 / Stevens Pass / Smithbrook Area
Snowy Creek
Conditions unknown


Chiwaukum Creek

Mostly clear to North Fork Chiwaukum Junction

2 significant rootwads remain blocking stock travel

20-30 logs on trail between NF Chiwaukum Jct and Brigham/Flora

Index Creek
Conditions unknown  07/14/2023
Painter Creek
Has not been maintained in years, almost nonexistent trail. Not recomended for travel. If you are bold enough to try it, map and compass is a must! 5/5/22
No information at this time 07/14/2023
Hatchery Creek

Clear to Wilderness Boundry; 500 logs on trail between Wilderness Boundry and Lake Augusta

Whitepine Creek

Conditions unknown

Lake Ethel
Conditions unknown  07/14/2023
Rock Mountain
Maintained 07/14/2023
Merritt Lake

Maintained and clear to Merrit Lake

Conditions unknown to Lost Lake 

Lanham Lake

Conditions unknown 

Maintained and clear 07/14/2023
No. Fork Chiwaukum Cr.
Winter conditions 12/1/22
Wildhorse Creek

The trail is brusy and has multiple logs which can be crossed by foot.

A toilet is available at Lake Margaret

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
North from Stevens Pass

Maintained and clear 07/14/2023
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
South from Stevens Pass


Maintained and clear


Icicle Creek / Enchantments Area                          
Icicle Creek

WARNING: The bridge over French Creek 1.5 miles up Icicle Creek Trail #1551 is broken. The creek must be forded to access French Creek Trail #1595.

Also, the bridge over Icicle Creek at 5 mile point is broken and not usable and the creek must be forded.

It is not known when the bridges will be replaced.

See Photos of Bridge

Eightmile Lake

Maintained and clear

Snow Creek / Snow Lakes

Maintained and clear with some significant rockfall on the upper trail which may require some scrambling.

6 toilets available

Multiple Bear sightings have been reported in the Nada Lake and Snow Lake areas. If camping in the area, be Bear-Wise and practice proper food storage.

Eightmile-Trout Creek

Maintained and clear

Trout Creek
Conditions unknown 07/14/2023
Jack Creek

Clear to Meadow Creek Junction

From the Meadow creek junction to Van Epps there is significant fire damage and patches of lost trail. Beyond Van Epps the conditions improve.

Numberous trees are down along the trail


Blackjack Ridge
Conditions unknown 07/14/2023
Icicle Ridge

Maintained and clear

Fourth of July Creek
Conditions unknown


Chain Lakes
First part of the trail is clear but later becomes difficult to follow with numberous logs and brush on the trail.  07/14/2023
Chatter Creek
Obstacles on the trail but easy to follow 07/14/2023
French Creek

WARNING: The bridge over French Creek 1.5 miles up Icicle Creek Trail #1551 is broken due to damage from heavy winter snowpack and is unsafe to cross. There is no way to ford the creek due to high water. No access to French Creek Trail #1595 or beyond bridge on Icicle Creek Trail. It is not known when bridge will be replaced. See Photos of Bridge

Icicle Gorge

Maintained and clear

Stuart Lake

Maintained and clear

Toilets are available.  Please use them

Colchuck Lake

Maintained and clear

Toilets are available.  Please use them.

Do not feed the chipmunks 


Aasgard Pass

Route is hard to follow but has cairnes.  Please do not build more cairnes as it leads to confusion and resource damage.  

Aasgard Pass WARNING!
See Photo and Info about safe route up Aasgard Pass

It is recomended to stay climbers left of the tree island to avoid the waterfall area and potentially more rockslides off Dragontail Peak. There are large cairns to guide hikers on Aasgard to avoid the waterfall hole.


Core Enchantments

Stay on main trail to prevent damage to fragile plants and soil.  

Toilets are available.  Please use them.  

Pack out all waste.



Approximately 50% of the parking spaces are allocated for Overnight Permit holders only. If you DO NOT  have the Enchantment Overnight Permit Parking Pass, YOU CANNOT park in these signed spaces. Tickets with fines will be issued for vehicles violating the Overnight Parking area or parking along the road.

These trailheads, which access the Enchantments area of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, routinely experience intense demand through the summer months and early autumn.  As visitor use has increased dramatically over the past decade, parking and related safety and resource issues have also been compounded.  On several days of the week during this time of the year, especially the weekends, parking can extend on both sides of this one-lane road from Stuart Lake to Eightmile Lake trailhead and beyond.  This creates public safety issues and concerns along this one-lane road as it relates to the ingress/egress for emergency vehicles, to user conflicts between motorized vehicles accessing the trailheads and pedestrians walking the road to and from the trailhead.  As is, parking for emergency response vehicles and Search and Rescue volunteers is severely affected by the overly congested parking at the trailheads. PARKING IS ALLOWED ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD  ONLY!

These trailheads and parking areas have been documented to be well beyond their capacity, causing repeated natural resource and sanitation issues as well.  This has created a public health concern at the 2 toilet facilities, one at each trailhead.  As they are over capacity they are often lacking sanitary supplies, which has resulted in sanitation issues and public health concerns in the forest area adjacent to the trailheads (litter and human waste).


Average Spring trail openings/meltout

Late March to Mid April--- Icicle Ridge, Penstock, Leavenworth town trails (Blackbird Island, Ski Hill loop trails, Fish Hatchery trails, Wenatchee Foothill trails)

Mid April to Mid May -- Snow Creek, Fourth of July, Freund Canyon, Devil's Gulch, Ingalls Creek, Lake Stuart, Icicle Creek, Hatchery Creek, Eightmile Lake, Chatter Creek, Jack Creek. Hidden Lake, Twin Lakes, White Pine, Lower Chiwawa, Nason Ridge, Rock Mtn, Dirty Face.

Mid May or later -- Lake Ethel, Tronsen Ridge, Upper Devil's Gulch, Upper Mission Ridge, Little Wenatchee TH, Minotaur lake, Top Lake, Merritt Lake, Heather Lake, Shaeffer Lake, Rock Creek, White River/Indian Creek, Upper Chiwawa River TH's, Round Mtn, Irving Pass

Current Weather Forecast for Leavenworth

Trail condition reports are gathered from Forest Service trail employees and wilderness rangers, USFS trail contractors, and public reports.

WTA.ORG NWHIKERS.NET  , AllTrails.com  and  WenatcheeOutdoors.org are also excellent sources for trail conditions and ideas for hikes and backpacking trips.