Travel Analysis Report

Forest roadDecember 2015

Travel analysis takes a comprehensive look at the roads of the entire forest, and the issues, risks, and benefits for all users, and the associated forest resources. Interdisciplinary teams have reviewed available data, along with information we received from the public, about our roads, access needs, and the affected forest resources with the goal of determining where changes to current road management practices would be beneficial.

The Forest has released a travel analysis report that outlines existing roads systems and identify opportunities to achieve a more sustainable system of roads. This travel analysis report is part of nationwide requirement involving national forests across the country.

These reports are not decision documents—instead, they provide an analysis of where the existing road system is today.  All future proposed actions and decisions will involve further opportunities for public input and engagement at the project level under national environmental policy act processes.

The reports will inform future decisions on where and how to invest limited resources on building new roads, managing current roads, or decommissioning old roads.  Travel analysis reports identify roads "likely needed" and "likely not needed" in the future, as well as opportunities to change road operation and maintenance strategies, decommission, convert to other use, or add to the system.

Through a variety of processes, national forests have worked closely with the public and stakeholder groups to collect information and feedback about social, economic, and ecological concerns and impacts around forest road systems. For many national forests, this is the first time they have looked at their entire road system in a comprehensive way.

This report documents the information and analysis procedure used for the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest travel analysis. This analysis is designed to provide decision-makers with information to develop a safe road system responsive to public needs and desires, affordable and efficiently managed, have minimal negative ecological effects on the land, in balance with available funding for needed management actions, and meets Forest Plan objectives. This analysis and report is not a decision document. All road-related decisions must go through the NEPA process with public involvement.

This report documents the forest-wide maintenance level (ML) 1-5 roads analysis on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. The forest elected not to analyze motorized trails and motorized use areas in this report. Analysis of unauthorized routes is not a requirement of the travel management rule. 

Travel Analysis Report
for Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
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Maps of Roads Likely Needed and Likely Not Needed
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List of Roads Likely Not Needed
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Frequently Asked Questions
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