Dry Forest II Workshop Presentations

See the links below to view Acrobat PDF versions of the slide presentations given at the Dry Forest II Workshop in Wenatchee, WA on May 1-3, 2007.

Agee - Fire and Dry Forest Landscapes - What have we learned [PDF: 2.5 mb]

Landscape-scale Planning and Adaptive Management

Gaines - Adaptive Management Group Discussion [PDF: 39 kb]

Quinn - WA State Forest Practices Adaptive Management Program [PDF: 221 kb]

Perspectives Panel

Aune - Perspectives [PDF: 1.6 mb]

Bigley - Dry Forest Management perspectives [PDF: 1.1 mb]

Spotted Owls in Dry Forests

Agar - Prescription Panel - Iron Restoration Project [PDF: 1.2 mb]

Forsman - Status and trends in demography of northern spotted owls [PDF: 700 kb]

Hessburg - Implications of mixed-severity fire for dry forest management [PDF: 2.0 mb]

Krupka - Prescription panel - Spotted Owl Habitat Conservation in Dry Forests [PDF: 760 kb]

Lehmkuhl - prescription panel - Managing for small mammal habitat [PDF: 1.4 mb]

Singleton - The Ecology of Barred Owls in Dry Forests [PDF: 2.2 mb]

The Science of Dry Forest Management

Agee - Fuels and Fire Behavior at the Mission Cr FFS site [PDF: 1.5 mb]

Dare - Disturbance-integrated management of aquatic and terrestrial resources [PDF: 1.5 mb]

Gaines - Dry Forest Restoration and Birds [PDF: 2 mb]

Harrod - Dry Forest Science Review [PDF: 1.5 mb]

Harrod - Comparing the effectiveness of thinning and prescribed fire [PDF: 2.8 mb]

Lehmkuhl - Small mammals in dry forests [PDF: 1.4 mb]

Peterson - Implementing the dry forest strategy-Understory Vegetation [PDF: 1.1 mb]

Zabowski - Soils of Dry Forests in Eastern WA and OR [PDF: 1.6 mb]