Mudslide Closes Icicle Road 11 Miles West of Leavenworth

A mudslide has closed Icicle Road, a popular camping area, about 11 miles west of Leavenworth.  Rain from Thursday night’s thunderstorm washed rocks and woody debris into a four foot wide culvert on Icicle Road, near the Fourth of July Trailhead, clogging the culvert and diverting water flow across the road.

“There is mud and water over the road completely blocking it,” said Acting Wenatchee River District Ranger Mick Mueller.  “The mudslide is between 200-300 feet long and ranges from six inches to two feet deep in places,” he said.

Crews have opened one lane of traffic through the mudslide to allow people to leave the area with their vehicles. “Once all forest visitors have left the area, the road will remain closed until a more permanent fix can be made,” Mueller said. 

No one was in the area of the slide when it occurred; no injuries occurred nor were any vehicles in the vicinity.

Icicle Road is open up to Fourth of July Trailhead.

Photos of the mudslide below. Click on photo for larger version.

Debris flow across Icicle Road

Debris flow across Icicle Road