Naches Ranger District Fire Managers Return to Angel Underburn

Release Date: Sep 6, 2013

Forest Service fire managers are returning to the Angel Underburn prescribed fire unit next week. To continue the implementation of the prescribed fire plan, fire specialists are proposing to ignite approximately 150 acres within the interior of the larger Angel Underburn unit on Monday, September 9th.

The Angel Underburn project area consists of 6,800 acres within the Rattlesnake Creek drainage, located southwest of the Nile. Fire managers began implementing the prescribed underburn in May 2013, but in recent months have not requested to ignite any additional acres.  To track the multi-day landscape burn, visit the Naches Prescribed Fire website at

Fire specialists are conducting the controlled burn as part of the Glass Angel Restoration Project and Tapash sustainable Forest Collaborative (  The collaborative works to overcome checkerboard ownership constrains to treat Central Washington forest landscapes in an interagency fashion.

The objective of next week’s burning is to reduce brush and woody debris that can feed wildland fires that can threaten communities. Burning also promotes a more resilient forest ecosystem less susceptible to uncharacteristically severe fires, insect infestations, disease epidemics, habitat loss and hydrologic events that cause massive erosion.

Members of the public recreating on the national forest may see smoke from the controlled burn. Residents in nearby communities, such as Nile, Cliffdell and Naches might also see smoke. Smoke from controlled burns typically settles with cold air in low areas in the evening and morning hours, even with favorable daytime winds. Some smoke might settle in the Nile Valley and along Rattlesnake Creek.

All Okanogan-Wenatchee N.F. controlled burns are weather-depending and fire specialist will cease burning as soon as possible if objectives are not being met or if weather conditions are unfavorable. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources regulates smoke management and must approve all controlled burns on national forests within the state. Okanogan-Wenatchee N.F. fire specialists closely coordinate with the state’s air quality managers after they receive burn approval.

For more information on the Angel Underburn, contact Michelle King at 509-653-1420. To receive daily telephone or email notifications on forecasted controlled burn smoke impacts on the Naches Ranger District, contact Fuels Specialist Jason Emhoff at 509-653-1492. Photos and daily updates can also be found at