Enchantments Report

Enchantments Panorama
Panorama of Enchantments (View of Aasgard Pass to Snow Lakes, from Little Annapurna) on August 23, 2011. Photo by Clint Kyhl

UPDATED: December 2023

For more information on how to obtain a permit, Please click here.

Current Conditions:

PLEASE be prepared for winter conditions and sudden weather changes this time of year. Recommended route up Aasgard Pass is to stay left, and on the descent stay right (see below), but always use your judgement on any route involving steep terrain, especially when snow covered. 

The Eightmile Road gate (#7601) is CLOSED for the season.

Remember, there are NO REFUNDS unfortunately for acts of Mother Nature as per our Enchantment regulations.

Warning sign for Aasgard Pass

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NWS Weather forecast for the Enchantments  Please check the elevation of your forcast in our area "98826". You are able to navigate to higher elevations to see the conditions depending on where you will be traveling.

Some other resources for trail information, including Enchantment trip reports, can be found on WTA.org NWHikers.net , and AllTrails.com. Make sure to enter Enchantments in the search bar.



Overnight permits are required from May 15 through October 31. BE AWARE: While permits may be reserved as early as May 15, early spring snow and weather conditions may not allow road access to the Stuart Lake or Eightmile Lake trailheads during the early part of the season.

Since the "day of lottery" held at the Leavenworth Ranger Station is suspended for the 2022 season, all overnight permits allocated to the office will be randomly posted on Recreation.gov on Sundays of each week for that given week (May 15th through Oct 31st).

Even if road access is possible, traveling and camping on snow is HIGHLY likely during May and June. Please be aware of cancellation and change policies as well as the skills and equipment you will need to travel in the Enchantments in the early spring or late fall.

Due to weather conditions and current snow pack on road 7601, the gate will possibly remian closed through the beginning of the Enchantment Season due to snow to prevent the road from unnecessary wear and tear.

Campfires are prohibited above 5000’ and within ½ mile of Little Eightmile and Eightmile Lake. Check carefully and make sure you know where you are.

The Enchantments Permit Zones has a party size limit of 8 people. You cannot combine two permit groups that creates a group larger than 8.

You must camp within the zone you are permitted for the duration of your trip. The only permit that allows you to camp anywhere is the Core Enchantments Permit.

Dogs are prohibited in the entire Enchantments Permit Area. If you want to hike with your dog, most other trails on the district are open to pets. Contact the Leavenworth Ranger Station if you would like hiking recommendations.

Drones are prohibited in all Wilderness Areas. The Enchantment Permit Zones are within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Overnight Wilderness Permits for the Enchantments are required from May 15 - October 31. Information is available on Recreation.gov and the forest website HERE.

Self issuing day use permits (free) and Northwest Forest Passes ($5 per day, per car) are available at trailheads accessing the Enchantments. Two free parking passes are given to those purchasing overnight Enchantment Permits for the duration of your stay. No camping at trailheads.